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Donald Kimball's Voting Guide

No description

Donald Kimball

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Donald Kimball's Voting Guide

Vote! No matter whom you choose, be sure to make your voice heard this year.
Make sure to cast your vote for the NUSG elections Student Body President Donald Kimball's Voting Guide Recommendation: Ilona Trofimovich Senate Chair Recommendation: Calvin Horne Communications Chair Recommendation: David V. Kimball Treasurer Recommendation: Emilee Larsen Student Activities Chair Recommendation: Hayley Hanford Ilona, through dedicated service as Activities Chair, has proven herself to be an enthusiastic, motivated, and inspiring leader. She has put in much time and effort running Student Activities Board, and has done so efficiently. She is the clear choice for the position. A champion of reason, it's difficult to find a more qualified candidate for Senate Chair than Calvin. Being the captain of the NU debate team and RA of 400, he has plenty of leadership experience, and will prove to be an essential part of the NUSG leadership. A vote for Emilee Larsen is a vote toward a well budgeted and efficient NUSG. Not only has she proven to be an organized and excellent SAB Event Coordinator, but she is a finance and accounting major, making this position a seamless fit for her skills. Still not convinced? She's campaigning with cats. Running more social media accounts than most people know exist, David has an aptitude for communications of all types. His NU leadership positions range from being Community Builder of 200, NU Orientation leader, and Vice President of NU Communications club. If you vote for him, he's sure to send you a thank you tweet. A track record of event planning positions, Hayley would make an excellent choice for this role. Having served on Student Activities Board this year, she is ready to take on next year with all the work it entails. Though competition is steep, due to her past experience and her contributions to SAB this year, she is the best qualified for the job.
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