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Proclamation of 1763


James Caballero

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Proclamation of 1763

More Info The British assault the Ottawa position The Ottawa Indians
Ambushed the British Who were the British Fighting Tension was growing with the British and the Natives ( the Ottawas). They went to war and after the blood spilled the British won. They granted land to Indians, but didn't allow colonists to settle west of the Appalachian Mountains. Summary by
James Caballero
Luis Ramos
Nina Bailey Proclamation of 1763 Proclamation of 1763, Proclamation declared by the British crown at the end of the French and Indian War in North America, mainly intended to conciliate the Indians by checking the encroachment of settlers on their lands. In the centuries since the Proclamation, it has become one of the cornerstones of Native American law in the United States and Canada. A chief named Pontiac led the Native Americans to fight against the British Pontiac Rebellion
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