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MODL5100 Tutorials

No description

Claudia Koch-McQuillan

on 25 April 2017

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Transcript of MODL5100 Tutorials

MODL5100 Tutorials
Helpful interpreting resources
http://interpreters.free.fr - interpreter training resource
http://www.speechpool.net.en - short speeches for consecutive practice
http://www.orcit.eu - conference interpreter training resource
www.youtube.com - search for "lourdesaib" and/or "DGInterpretation"
Week 1 - Equivalence
"Everything can be translated"
What about word such as:
Terrace house
Or phrases such as:
I'll put that on the back burner.
How's it going, mate?
Or sentences such as:
Would you mind finishing this for me please?
Everything has been said.
Week 2 - Intro to notetaking
Bill Gates at the Davos World Economic Forum, 2008:
Helpful links for assignments
http://www.students.mq.edu.au/support/learning_skills/undergraduate/academic_skills_quickguides/ (quick tour)
“a laid-back café culture by the beach”
“See cliff-top waterfalls surge with fury”
“Stay at an outback homestead”
Common problems:
Culture-specific concepts
SL concept not lexicalised in TL
SL is semantically complex
SL and TL make different distinctions in meaning
TL lacks superordinate
TL lacks hyponym
Difference in expressive meaning/connotation
Difference in form
Use of loan words in SL
Translation by a more general term (superordinate)
Translation by a more neutral/less expressive word
Translation by substitution
Translation using a loan word plus explanation
Translation by paraphrase using a related word
Translation by omission
Week 3 - Functionalism
What are the main considerations when translating these texts from a functional perspective?
Week 4 - Speech acts, politeness
Speech acts: compliments, requests, greetings, apologies, favours, turn taking
Cultural dimensions: http://geert-hofstede.com
Politeness? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vShJa6GobFQ
Lynne Murphy on British and American politeness:
Week 6 - Discourse & Register Analysis
Week 7 - Interpreting (im)politeness
Week 9 - Ethics
Week 8 - SFL, systems and cultural approaches
Feminist translation links:
Postcolonial translation link:
Practice speech:
Week 11 - Ethics
"Ethical challenges for court interpreters"
Week 13 - Corpora and extended research
A translator's perspective: Translaton as a Performing Art
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