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King Louis XIV

No description

Matt Delaney

on 28 March 2018

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Transcript of King Louis XIV

King Louis XIV
The O.G. Absolute Leader

Guess who??
Historical Significance
King Louis XIV was a king who had a very long reign and was very influential on French history and culture.
He has been remembered as the Sun King, even though the second half of his reign was by no means as brilliant as first.
The “Grand Century” of Louis XIV was marked by the image of an absolute Monarch and a powerful State. .
The most powerful, absolute monarch --- King Louis XIV!!!
One of the famous catch phrase by King Louis XIV was "L'etat c'est moi" - "I am the nation."
" I am the Nation"
5th Sep, 1643
--Louis becomes King of France. Louis XIV became king at the age of

His mom and Chief Adviser ran the show for a while

He began ruling after the death of Cardinal Mazarin, his chief adviser
9th Mar, 1661 Louis increases taxes on French Citizens, especially the wealthy...

Why would he do this?
9th Mar, 1667 Louis attempts to expand France.
He captured Spanish Territory and gained 12 towns for his country.
Confident with his success, he led his army to invade Dutch Territory
But, they had failed....
9th Mar, 1668 Louis fights additional wars.
However, by the end of the 1680's, a Europe-wide alliance formed to stop him.
The strategy was to balance out the power, in which no single country could dominate others.
1st Jan, 1669 Louis expand the Palace of Versailles. The Palace of Versailles was originally a hunting lodge built in 1624, by Louis XIII. Louis XVI expanded this palace to proof his absolute power.
14th Nov, 1682 Louis supports the Arts.
Louis XIV made art very popular, especially opera and ballet.
He believed that the purpose of art during the Renaissance period, was to glorify the king and help his ruling.
1st Jan, 1701 War of the Spanish Succession.
A war that lasted from 1701 - 1713, in which various European states fought back again French power
France lost their colonies and wealth.
1st Sep, 1715 Louis XIV dies.
This news made France rejoice?----WHY?
King of France who ruled from 1643-1715.

He had the longest lasting reign in the French history.

He was famous for his magnificent buildings and the expansion of France

He was the most outrageous and gave himself a nickname: "The Sun King."
King Louis XIV promoted industrial growth.
He limited the borrowing practices of the past.
He also created programs and institutes to promote more arts into the French culture.
He made colonies in the America's and the far east.
After discovering the Mississippi river, he claimed the land and named it Louisiane.
He made the palace of Versailles.
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