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No description

Shyamala Suresh

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Composting

Home Composting Almost 60% of waste generated can be composted

It is converting organic waste into a soil amendment

Here are the 3 methods I have tried
Vermi-compost is excellent for... From kitchen waste to black gold... Process Process Kambha Composting A three layered kambha is used - Daily dump

It is an aerobic process

There is NO foul odor whatsoever

It is ideal for small homes and individual flats

Does not occupy much space Everyday wet waste Around 1.5 Kgs Mix it with dry leaves Add an inoculum Dry cowdung water or,
Semi done compost or,
Panchgavya or,
Sour Buttermilk Put it in the Kambha, and stir once in two days Sieve the compost After about 45 days... Lovely, sweet smelling compost Use compost to grow.. ...your own fresh organic veggies Cycle of life complete Vermi - composting Do not add Dairy products
Meat It is an advanced process using composting worms to break down organic matter

Can be done along with kambha

It requires a certain amount understanding FIRST THINGS FIRST Buy your own wormies.. (these are my babies) Materials for bedding Bedding in sintex tub Feed em right and watch em work! Feed them once in two or three days

NO acidic and citrus stuff - careful what you feed em

Do not expose the bin to too much heat

Do not pour water into your worm bin Rich vermi-compost - ready to use!! Harvesting worms The baby worm catcher! You can use... OR Maggots are common Process Ready-made Bokashi bin available The microbes Put all your food waste Sprinkle the Bokashi powder Drain Potent liquid ;) Good white fungus Say YIMBY!!! Bury it in a pit Bokashi Composting This has two stages
Fermenting stage
Decomposition stage

It takes in dairy products and meat as well Basic Bokashi facts
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