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The distance between the Moon and the Earth

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ines lilo

on 30 November 2015

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Transcript of The distance between the Moon and the Earth

The Moon is Earth’s
natural satellite

I. Introduction
Name and etymology
Physical characteristics
II. Different methods of calculation
III. Our experience
Name and etymology
Moon in English
1380 (Old English)
Physical characteristics
The distance between the Moon and the Earth
The eclipses method : Aristarchus of Samos
( 300-230 BC J.C. )
The method of parallax
The method of echo laser
The method of Kepler
The eclipses method
II. Different methods of calculation
: 4.5 billion years ago.
with Earth.
Principal modern adjective
: Lunar (Latin Luna)
Another adjective
: Selenic (Ancient Greek

III. Our experience

Inès Aras
Pauline Catel
Charlotte Landes
Pauline Pietrobonni
Temperature :Minimum --> 40K (-233°C)
Maximum --> 396K (123°C)
Surface pressure : 10^(-10) Pa
The method of echo laser
The first method ->performing by observing the eclipse ( 300 -230 BC JC).
The Earth Moon distance is
110 lunar diameters or 384 400 km.
The method of parallax
Lalande and La Caille in 1751.
Measure the angle at which the Moon is seen in relation to the zenith at 2 distant positions on Earth .
Lalande was in Berlin.
La Caille was in South Africa.
The method of the eclipse : Aristarque of Samos (300-230 BC- JC)
Total time for the Moon to orbit the Earth : 29,5 day
: Distance to the Moon
: Time for the Moon to cross the Earth's shadow
: Radius of the Earth
: Speed of the Moon
Evolution over the year
More technology
Is the distance Moon-Earth evolving?
Questions ?

Questions ?

Does the speed of estrangement of the Moon increase ?
Questions ?

Does the Moon affect the Earth ?
Is the Earth-Moon distance accurate ?
Questions ?

The method of Kepler
: Distance Moon-Earth
: Rotation period of the Moon around the Earth
: Radius of the Earth
: Gravity at the surface of the earth
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