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Ethics and Leadership

No description

Ethics Leadership

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Ethics and Leadership


Mollie Adcock
Shelby Anderton
Annie Gibson
Chloe Russell

Ethics Defined
Ethics is concerned with the kinds of values and morals an individual or society finds desirable or appropriate (Northouse 424)
Leadership Defined
Leadership is a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal (Northouse 5).
How Ethics and Leadership Work Together
Ethical leadership is concerned with the nature of leaders' behaviors, and with their virtuousness. In any decision-making situation, ethical issues are either implicitly or explicitly involved. The choices leaders make and how they respond in any given circumstance are informed and directed by their ethics
(Northouse 424).
Why Practice Ethical Leadership?
Role Model for organization
Build trust with followers
Credibility and Respect
Leads to Collaboration
Creates a good climate

(Dr. Lucas, page 3)
Principles of Ethical Leadership
Respect Others
Serve Others
Shows Justice
Manifests Honesty
Builds Community
Strengths and Weaknesses
High demand for moral leadership
Integral part of the broader idea of leadership
Focuses on virtues of leaders
Not a lot of research about it
Relies on writings of a few people that are strongly influenced by their personal opinions

Ethical Leaders' Values and their Followers
Not just about "What is Right"
Leaders and followers are trying to achieve common goal
Create value within organization
A leader's purpose, vision, and values are for the benefit of the entire organization
Create and maintain a two-way conversation
(Freeman and Stewart, page 4)
How to be an Ethical Leader
Articulate and embody organization's purpose
Focus on organization success
Find and develop best people
Create conversation
Create mechanisms of dissent
Understanding of other's values
Make tough calls
Know your limits
Frame actions in ethical terms
Don't separate "business" from "ethics"

(Freeman and Stewart, page 6)
Muhammad Yunus
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