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Electronic Career Portfolio

FBLA State Competition - Career Portfolio

Zachary Smith

on 11 March 2011

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Transcript of Electronic Career Portfolio

About Me Zachary Smith Electronic Career Portfolio Mechanical Engineering Education requirements Bachelor's Degree ~ 4-5 years
Many obtain advanced degrees in a specific field
of engineering or in business administration.
Required to learn new technology frequently and
adjust to changes in the field.
Must receive certification from state by passing a
state examination. Field of choice Job description Responsible for researching, designing, developing, manufacturing, and the testing of tools, engines, machines, and other mechanical devices.
Work on power-producing machines (generators, engines, and turbines) as well as power-using machines (refrigeration, air-conditioning equipment, and industrial equipment).
One of the broadest fields of engineering. Job outlook According to the most recent Bureau of Labor statistics, Mechanical Engineers are planned to have a 6% increase in employment growth.
Mechanical Engineers are involved in the production in a wide variety of products and as the demand for these products increase, as do the job positions. I enjoy helping people and working on computers. I try to stay active in my community by volunteering at a variety of places.
Along with that, I have a niche for math. This skill in math is what made me decide to pursue a career in engineering.
I always try my best to stay self motivated and to always perform at my highest ability. These are two things that I plan on bringing into the workforce with me. Education Bibb County High School 220 Birmingham Road
Centreville, AL 35042 2007-2010 2010-Present Calera High School 100 Calera Eagle Drive
Calera, AL 35040 Courses taken Algebra I
Algebra II w/ Trig
Pre-Calculus Biology
Anatomy Math Science Work Experience May 2010 - Present:
Alabama Controls Inc. ~ IT Assistant Webpage I'm assisting in creating http://www.alabamacontrols.com Goals To become familiar with the workforce and focus on establishing my future career.
To be prepared for the competitive workforce that I will be entering soon. School Groups FBLA Member ('10-Present)
National Honor Society ('09-Present)
Comprehensive Math Team
Marching and Symphonic Band Section Leader Community Service Participated in several FBLA service activities.
Helped with various school club events. Computer Skills Familiar with Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, and many other programs.
Took a business tech class in school.
Skilled with most computer software and have an extensive knowledge of computers in general. Conferences and Workshops Attended Army Leadership Conference
Get Motivated Conference
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