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Why is there no NATO in Asia?

No description

Adolfo Rodríguez

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Why is there no NATO in Asia?

Why is there no

NATO in Asia? Question: critizism to prospect theory
/ A NATO in Asia in the future? Are multilateral alliances always more risky? As opposed to Europe, Asia does not have a multilateral security scheme There seem to be different US alliance strategies: * Bilateralism in Asia (i.e. Japan, S. Korea...) * Multilateralism in Europe (NATO) The question RATIONALISTS Power disparity Institutional efficiency US not interested in
weaker Asian states Multilateralism
best served
US interest in
Europe, but was
useless in Asia Constructivists Identity argument Norms arguments need for shared identity asian uniqueness Prospect theory Decision making under risk Depending of the domain of loses, people,
and states, accept different
levels of risk. States choose multilateral
when they do not have
"anything to lose" Different
points of 3 How do you explain the enlargment
of NATO to East Europe? Will there be a NATO in Asia? view
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