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Nokia development analysis

Brief overview of Nokia's historical advancement up to 2012, its main competitors & solutions offered by Nokia's managerial team. 15 - minutes adaptable presentation topic.

Maxim Ser

on 16 March 2013

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Transcript of Nokia development analysis

History of Nokia pulp and paper
manufacture in mobile industry SEQUENCE OF
THE LEGENDARY INNOVATIONAL BREAKTHROUGHS Hyvää iltapäivää pojat ja arvostettu opettaja, Jonathan White. Hanki valmis laskemaan tärkeimmät ja kiinnostavimmat viisitoista minuuttia tänään. Nokia 1865 1960s Industries: tires shoes chemistry electricity paper construction after 1960s telecommunications telecommunications cellular phone, 1981 1991 first GSM phone Nordic Mobile Telephone service 1982 First car phone SNAKE 1997 1996 world leader
in mobile industry €6 €31 78% 5 years CEO “We fell behind, we missed big trends and we lost time. (…), we now find ourselves years behind” "they are taking our market share with an entire ecosystem” 9 billion 2 billion Nokia shares Samsung > Nokia Apple & Samsung current market position competitiors Problem:
IOS technology
Products compatibility
Loyal fan base
Large target audience
Large andriod market
Growing in popularity as the leading Smartphone maker *Samsung *Apple Has Nokia finally lost the innovational battle? Solutions Investments Development Narrowing selection Integrating popular Apps Only two drawbacks left:
Nokia store
Compatibility CONCLUSION Long history of development
Ups and downs
Legendary innovations & decisions
what will happen next?? coming
novelties increasing
competition Thank you for your attention! Nokia Lumia
History of Nokia
Current market position
Areas for improvement
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