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You're Now a VOLunteer

No description

Alicia White

on 2 July 2014

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Transcript of You're Now a VOLunteer

We get InVOLved!
What does a Dean Do?
Exciting Time to Be a
-Become a Top 25 Public Research University
~Key to Success – Top Notch students – That’s You!
-19:1 Student/Faculty Ratio
-Rhodes Scholar

Welcome to
University of Tennessee
You're Now a VOLunteer...
Opportunities to engage in
-Campus Activities
Melissa S. Shivers, Ph.D.
Associate Vice Chancellor & Dean of Students
413 Student Services Building
New VOLS Orientation

We use our Campus Resources!
We Take Care of Each Other!
What Does it Mean to be a
We wear LOTS of Orange!
We Build Community!
We Respect Each Other!
Create your own Experience!
Dean Of Students Staff:
Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students
Dr. Melissa Shivers
Associate Dean of Students

Jeff Cathey
Associate Dean of Students
Tashika Griffith

Dean of Students Offices:
Career Services
Center for Leadership and Service
New Student and Family Programs
Sorority and Fraternity Life
Center for Student Engagement
Student Media
o Student Health Center
o Student Counseling Center
o Student Success Center
o Orientation Leaders
o Career Services
o Tutoring Services

We Ask for Help!
Parents, Families, and Friends
Student Success Center
We Understand Our Rights and Responsibilities
Welcome Home and to the Rockiest Top on Tennessee!
“One that beareth a torch shadoweth oneself to give light to others”
We are Volunteers.
"Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is not found in finishing the activity, but in doing it."
Keys to Being a Successful VOL

Find out how you are like
other students
Keys to Being a Successful VOL

Find out how you are like
other students
Keys to Being a Successful VOL

Find out how you are like
other students
Beginning with the end
Words from last years graduating class.
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