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Compare and Contrast Essays

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Kaitlin Bell

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Compare and Contrast Essays

Compare/Contrast Introduction
Compare/Contrast is used to organize a whole essay, but also the individual paragraphs.

In the Compare/Contrast essay we will be writing, we will be comparing
The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963
novel by Christopher Paul Curtis, and the movie version produced by Hallmark Entertainment earlier this year.

Within this essay, you will identify similarities and differences between each medium, but you will also explain why you think the differences exist. To do this, you should consider point of view, tone, and time of creation (1995 vs. 2013).
Whole to Whole, or Block, Strategy
For this structure, you say everything you have about one item, then everything you have about another. You would give one paragraph or a few sentences in a paragraph about what happened in the movie and then one paragraph or a few sentences in a paragraph about what happened in the movie.

Make sure that your information is equal and well organized. If you are discussing a character or event from the book in one paragraph, your next paragraph should discuss the SAME character or event in the movie.

Similarities to Differences Strategy
In this structure, you explain everything that was similar between the book and the movie, and then you explain everything that was different. If you say that the characters and their dialogue were all the same in the book and the movie, then list specific examples from the book and the movie to support your answer. Then, you would say how the events in the book differed from the movie giving specific examples of what was different in each.
Strategies for Writing a Compare/Contrast Essay
There are three different ways of writing a Compare/Contrast Essay:
Whole to Whole, or Block, Strategy
Similarities to Differences Strategy
Point By Point Strategy

After reviewing the list of similarities/differences that you generated between the book and the movie, you will pick the stategy that best fits your information.

No matter the strategies you use, though, make sure to give the book and the movie equal time in your paper. So, don't spend all paper talking about the book and forget to talk about the movie and vice versa.
Point by Point Strategy
This type of Compare/Contrast Essay is organized by point. Here, you would give all the information about a topic (characters, dialogue, events, etc.) and then move on to the next one. So, your first body paragraph might have everything about the characters in it. Then your next paragraph might have everything about the setting in it-similarities AND differences.
Compare and Contrast Essays
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