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Pulley system of a Ski Lift

No description

Harhys Stewart

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Pulley system of a Ski Lift

Ski Lifts
What simple machine does it use?
Pulley system.
Horizontal instead of
the traditional vertical pulley
Why do they use the pulley system?
Efficient & reliable
Low maintenance
Effect on Society
Economical impact-Ski tourism
More people will visit
Brings money
More jobs
Sports (e.g. Winter olympics)
Makes winter sports easier/less tedious
Whole country is effected (Positive)
Can you imagine a world without pulleys?
Of course the invention of a pulley was not to create the ski lift but without ski lifts how will we ski with ease ?
The Use of the simple machine
The pulley system rotates to drag skiers/snowboarders up a hill or slope.
Some hills can be long and steep
Faster and more efficient than walking or hiking

How does it work?
Giant horizontal pulley wheel is located at bottom and top of hill,
Motors rotate large cable which rotates in perpetual motion.
Mechanism releases spring-loaded grip which secures the cabin to the main cable and is brought onto a treadmill underneath
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