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Strategic Planning: Technology


Alison Smithwick

on 10 March 2010

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Transcript of Strategic Planning: Technology

Strategic Planning: Technology Start at the Community Level What if Caldwell developed a partnership with CCCCD or another college/university? What if college students came in to work with Caldwell kids to design and create projects? What if the CCCCD students could train/partner/mentor the teachers? What if the CCCCD students received credit for working at Caldwell? What if we engaged FUMC members as grant writers? What if FUMC members led classes to teach our Caldwell teachers? What if FUMC members led classes/groups for students? What if PTO was involved in our commitment to technology integration? What if we actively sought corporate sponsorships? Start at the Kid Level What if we started with one "model classroom" per grade level? What if one classroom teacher at each level was committed to leading and showcasing technology integration? What if kids in that classroom were always highly engaged and successful? What if the kids were visibly successful? What if parent interest sky-rocketed in that class? What if we needed two such classrooms per grade level the next year? What if we started a Technology Club? What if kids could support the teachers? What if the role-reversal was empowering and motivating? Computer Science Building, MIT http://www.edutopia.org/digital-generation-teachers-vicki-davis-video
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