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Bad Dog, Dodger!

Bad Dog, Dodger! Reading Street

Jamie Sink

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Bad Dog, Dodger!

______ have a new puppy named Shadow.

Shadow and _____ like to play together.

____ love Shadow, and Shadow loves _____.

Billy and ____ went to the baseball game.

The plot is what happens at the beginning, middle, and end of a story.

- In "kn" the "K" is silent. This consonant pattern makes the /n/ sound.

-In "wr" the "w" is silent. This consonant pattern makes the /r/ sound.

-In " gn" the "g" is silent. This consonant pattern makes the /n/ sound.

-In "mb" the "b" is silent. This consonant pattern makes the /m/ sound.
chewing - grinding something between your teeth
-The pronouns "I" and "me" take the place of your name.
-Use "I" in the subject of the sentence.
-Use "me" after an action verb.
-Always write "I" with a capital letter!
-When you are talking about yourself and another person, you must put yourself last.
Bad Dog, Dodger!
by Barbara Abercrombie

Chased - ran after someone
dripping - a liquid falling slowly, drop by drop
grabbed - took hold of something suddenly
practice - to repeat an action in order to improve
treat - a special gift, often food
wagged - moved from side to side
Plot and Theme
The theme is the story's "big idea". It's a lesson that author wants the reader to learn from the story.
Consonant Patterns
"kn", "wr", "gn", "mb"
Read these words:
knit limb wreck gnat

wrap sign crumb knock

numb gnome knives wrinkle
Using "I" and "Me"
Put "I" or "me" in the sentences in the correct place.
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