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Computer Lab Room 222

2012-2013 Central Agreements, Procedures & Routines

Blair Thallmayer

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of Computer Lab Room 222

2012-2013 Computer Lab Room 222
Walk & sit in assigned seat
Hands & feet are still
Eyes & ears are on the speaker
Be accountable and engaged
Do not login until instructed to so
Material Managers
Computer Lab Rules
Save your work
Log off
Complete Exit Slip next to the computer
Hand Exit Slip to teacher/ helper
Push in chair
Line up, hands & feet to yourself, Single File
Right Side exits then left side
Everyone in the class must exit before the next class can arrive
Page 17 Technology
Page 24 Cyber-Bullying Policy
Page 27 Student Code of Conduct Level 2 Offense
Parent & Student Handbook
One of the most important curricular objectives of Pan American Academy Charter School is to provide students with the technological expertise to assist them in the completion of projects and in gaining access to primary sources of information from around the world.
Students are encourages to learn the basic skills through the use of software that shall reinforce concepts learned in the grades and across the curriculum. Teachers also use the computer resources available to enhance their lesson plan preparation and teaching. There is a new computer lab with 30 new computers and access to multiple laptop carts.
Mandatory compliance with all legal statutes, which govern Internet use, include: not downloading sexually explicit material or conducting personal business at school. Internet use must correspond to the current subject content, lesson, the academic program, and performance standards as clearly stated in lesson plans. Teachers and administration can and will monitor students’ use of the computers and the Internet and report any violations for disciplinary action.
Cyber-bullying means bullying that occurs by the use of electronic devices through means of email, instant messages, text messages, blogs, photo and video sharing, chat rooms, bash boards or websites.

Consequences for a student who commits an act of bullying will be unique to the individual incident and will vary in method and severity according to the nature of the behavior, the developmental age of the student, and the students' history of problem behaviors and performance, and will be consistent with the school's Code of Conduct.
Cyber-Bullying Policy
Verbal Warning
Computer closed for 3 minutes
Privileges are lost for the day
Contact Home/ Conduct Report
Verbal Warning
No Computer for 3 minutes
Privileges are lost for the day
Contact Home/ Conduct Report
* Cheetah Paws
* Material Manager
* Have a positive contact home
* 5 minutes of Game Time
* Have lunch with the teacher
Reward System
Achievement Grades
Work Ethic/Citizenship
Out of Seat
Excessive Talking
Gum Chewing
Foul Language
Banging/ Drumming on Table
Inappropriate Website
Damage, Destruction, Theft
Harassment/ Bullying
Hacking/Sharing Passwords
Code Violations
Rockin' It!
Keep Hands Clean
Lineup according to:
First Name A-Z
Number of Siblings
Thumb size
Birthday Month
Number of glasses of Water
Name Game
100 points
20/30 points
5 points
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