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"Alone" by Edgar Allan Poe

No description

Laura Forhan

on 2 August 2015

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Transcript of "Alone" by Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe
Literary Devices
Imagery :
"From the sun that ’round me roll’d
In its autumn tint of gold—"
-Born in Boston on January 19, 1809
-had a brother named Henry and a sister named Rosalie
-his parents separated and he lived with his mother until she died when he was 2
-was adopted by John Allan
-went to the University of Virginia in 1826
-joined the army in 1827 and eventually became sergeant major
-no success with writing until he became an editor in 1835
-married his 13-year-old cousin in 1836
-sent some poems to magazines but never got any significant amount of money from it
-his wife died in 1847 and this caused him to collapse from stress
-died in 1849 after he was found unconscious in a pub
-mood= sad, pessimistic
-perspective= 1st person
-Capitals at the beginning of each line
-Punctuation= dashes are used throughout the poem
-Length of lines= most of the lines in the first section are 8 syllables long, in the second part of the poem the lines are 7 syllables long
-Rhyming couplets throughout the poem
"Alone" by Edgar Allan Poe
From childhood’s hour I have not been
As others were—I have not seen
As others saw—I could not bring
My passions from a common spring—
From the same source I have not taken
My sorrow—I could not awaken

My heart to joy at the same tone—
And all I lov’d—I lov’d alone—
Then—in my childhood—in the dawn
Of a most stormy life—was drawn
From ev’ry depth of good and ill
The mystery which binds me still—
From the torrent, or the fountain—
From the red cliff of the mountain—

From the sun that ’round me roll’d
In its autumn tint of gold—
From the lightning in the sky
As it pass’d me flying by—
From the thunder, and the storm—
And the cloud that took the form
(When the rest of Heaven was blue)
Of a demon in my view—
This poem describes the depressing life of Edgar Allen Poe. He explains how he has always felt different from the others in his life, especially in his childhood.
Edgar Allan Poe's purpose in writing this poem was to bring to light his emotions about what had happened in his life
"In its autumn tint of gold"
Poe depicting the "sun" in his life using descriptive language "tint of gold"
Helps the reader understand how bright the idea "sun" or happiness is in his depressing life
This idea of a "sun" in his life could represent the idea of happiness. Where he writes "that 'round me roll'd" he could be talking about how he sees happiness all around him in his life.
1984 Comparison
- This symbol could also be applied to Winston's life
- Sees happiness in the party members but has none in his life
Macbeth Comparison
- Could relate to how Macbeth is feeling when Malcolm becomes prince
- Feeling of wanting something that is not already yours
Symbols p2.
"From the thunder, and the storm—
And the cloud that took the form
(When the rest of Heaven was blue)
Of a demon in my view—"
1984 Comparison
- Could relate to Winston being conscious of the negativity surrounding him in his life
-Negativity derived from the oppression of big brother ex. Thought Police, Double Think, Poor Quality of life
" I have not been
As others were—I have not seen
As others saw"
Poe uses sentences of a similar structure in order to emphasize the ideas in these sentences (that he feels different from others)
Literary Devices ( Continued)
The poem uses anaphora to emphasize the importance of certain lines using the same words at the beginning of the lines. The reasoning behind this device is that the torrent represents his troubled life and the fountain represents happiness
" From the torrent, or the fountain-
From the red cliff of the mountain
From the sun that 'round me rolled"

The "demon in his view" could represent his depression that is obscuring his view of life
Writing Styles
The light is not always bright at the end of the tunnel~ He was very depressed throughout his childhood, this followed him through the rest of his life. This theme can relate to Macbeth because Lady Macbeth ends up killing herself due to being depressed about helping her husband murder Duncan
-out of the texts studied in class, the writing style of this poem is most similar to that of Macbeth
-not very modern language but modern enough that people can still understand it and connect to the themes and messages in the poem
Everybody has got a dark side~ At the end of the poem Edgar says that " I have a demon in my view", widely believed that he is referencing to his father abusing him as a child, and therefore calls him a devil in this poem. Also connects to Macbeth
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