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Truth about Arabic Language

No description

Golden Age

on 2 January 2015

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Transcript of Truth about Arabic Language

Truth about Arabic Language
Arabic Language is Easy and Fun !
Perceived as difficult because:
1- Rich vocabulary
2- Different pronunciation
3- Different script
4- Difference between Spoken Dialects and MSA
Semitic Language
Most of the words come from a root of 3 letters.

E.g. k/t/b for Writing
A highly-developed system of root and pattern
From the 3 letter root k/t/b can be easily make words using similar pattern.

e.g. Maktab, Kaatib, Maktoob
If you know the sound of a word, you can spell it correctly.

Whereas in English, you can have 2 words with same pronounciation but different spelling.

e.g. Scene or Seen. Bean or Been
Only 2 Tenses
Past Tense

Non-past Tense that include Present, Future and Imperative by adding or removing particles of the verb
But, is this True ?
28 letters and \ 3 vowels only
28 letters and only 3 sounds

Fatha: a
Damma: u
Kasra: i
In short or long form
Writing from Left to right
No Upper / Lower case

Arabic Calligraphy is an Art
Easy writing
Easy Sentences
Sentences without Verbs

e.g. This is a nice place
= The place nice
World Arabic Language Day
But who Speaks MSA ?
Arabic has almost not changed since centuries.
Quran is still understood today.
5 Dialect Groups but all have learned MSA in school
(Egyptian, Levantine, Iraqi, Khaleeji, Maghrebi)
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