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Stung by: Bethany Wiggins

No description

Solana Rostick

on 14 December 2013

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Transcript of Stung by: Bethany Wiggins

Fiona, Bowen, and Jonah go to the nearest lab to get medical help. While in the lab all of them get treated, and Fiona gets to see her sister Lissa, and also to find her married to a doctor who works at the lab. They all find a cure that will save everyone who is a beast, and bring humanity back to society.
The beast are the antagonist of the story. They are determined to wipe out all of humanity. They are categorized by levels of damage. They have tattoos,that make them abnormal. These beast are fierce and can kill any person.
In the future, there was an overpopulation of bees in the world. There was a vaccine that was made by man, to help anyone who got stung. The vaccine cause a pandemic, by destroying humanity. Humanity was divided up into two sides
Bowen and Fiona escape the camp, because the camp is planning to kill Fiona and Bowen. While escaping together, they have a really close relationship. They find an area that is safe, away from harmful threats, that can possibly kill them. Bowen tries to get something from outside then gets stop from people in the camp, but while coming inside to get something, Fiona accidentally shot him in the chest.
Fiona (main character) wakes up in her house abandon, and debris, glass on the floor and gray dust everywhere. After she wakes up she notices all the rooms are dull and despondent, abandon. She also notices that she is bearing a tattoo, which is suppose to make her a beast, but she is normal.There is so much uncertainty.
Stung by: Bethany Wiggins
Rising Action
Fiona gets caught after she runs away
from her house by a camp that keeps beast (who have the tattoo). The camp is divided in levels ( catorogized by damage of the beast). While at the camp she meets her future boyfriend,and her current crush Bowen, during her stay at camp Bowen and Fiona have a closer bond then ever.
Falling Action
Fiona gets some medical help from Tom ( Bowen's friend). Tom says that Bowen might not live, but Fiona wants to be by his side at all times, even if it means that he'll die. Things turns around for the better when Bowen survives the gunshot wound, and Fiona saves her brother, from a beast fight, that almost leaves him dead.
Fiona is the protagonist in the story. She has the tattoo, that is suppose to make her into a beast. She is also determined to find her brother, Jonah, who as that tattoo, that is a beast and her sister Lissa. She also deny's being a beast, even though she has the tattoo. She is a very kind and generous person.
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