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Phase 1: MVP + Product Roadmap

No description

Ned Horneffer

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Phase 1: MVP + Product Roadmap

"Cleanweb App Store"
Product Roadmap

Formulate problem statement hypotheses
Solidify initial value prop hypothesis
Determine MVP

Compile initial features list for MVP
Weigh priority vs. technical difficulty
Produce initial product roadmap

Phase 1: MVP + Product Roadmap
(February 24 - March 24)

Establish brand identity
Secure URL(s)
Design UI for multiple test landing pages

Determine curation methodology
Compile initial app database
Develop landing pages w/ email and/or 1-click sign-up

Phase 2: Brand Identity + Content Aggregation

(March 24 - April 24)

A/B test landing page analytics
Click-through rate from ads, social media, blog posts, etc
*Testing will inform how/what we build, as we build

Build out of beta-version of MVP - App/Hack Showcase
Refine curation methodology
Continue to populate app database

Phase 3: Smoke Testing + MVP Buildout

(April 24 - June 24)

UI Improvements

Bug fixes

Phase 4: User Feedback + Iteration
June 24- September 24
Problem Statement Hypotheses
Lots of hacks and apps have been built to solve resource problems, but most of them go largely unnoticed.

End users:
Its not easy to reduce one’s environmental footprint, but there are apps which can help.

Unique Value Proposition
A well designed and curated platform to showcase and discover environmental apps and hacks

Our Mission:
To build…

an online resource which help everyday people find solutions to reduce their environmental impact (End-user oriented)

a web-based platform that allows developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to showcase their cleanweb product or service (Creator Oriented)
High Level Goals
Identify early adopters (both creators and end-users)
Generate buzz → build a waiting list
Attract new audiences
Establish a community

Minimum Viable Product
directory or “app store” that catalogues and showcases valuable environmental apps and hacks

MAJOR MILESTONE 1 - Landing page launch

Marketing strategy - targeted ads, social media, blogs

MAJOR MILESTONE 2 - Private Beta Launch

Marketing strategy - email signup + events (NYTech Meetup, Energy Week, BigApps, etc.)

MAJOR MILESTONE 3 - Full-Scale Product Launch

Debut @ SXSW Eco (October 6-8, 2014)

*Key Focus - Community and Partnership Development

Begin Mapping Version 2.0
Hand-off Platform to UGA + Community for further iterations?
Roll into the studio?

Phase 6: TBD
October - December
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