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Technology in the Classroom

No description

Katie Nichele

on 22 July 2015

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Transcript of Technology in the Classroom

Technology in the Classroom

Learning Objectives
Demonstrate various technologies that can be used to increase student engagement and facilitation
Illustrate how to use instructional videos to compliment the learning process
Show how the use of social media in the classroom can engage students
Critique various technologies and their value in the classroom

Watch & Learn
Using YouTube and Instructional Videos to Supplement Instruction
Tool Time
Innovative Presentation Tools
Check this out!
Game ON!
Exploring the Role of Education Games in the classroom
Phone it in!
Putting cell phones to use
Prezi is a great alternative to traditional PowerPoint Presentations
The slides are part of a greater “map” that moves in and out to share the information.
Pictures and video can be added.

What is it?
What is it?
Instructors can record lectures and in class demonstrations for student to review at a later time.
Simple user interface that is user friendly for both instructors and students.

Edmodo provides a means for interaction outside of the actual class period. Formative quizzes and polls allow the instructor and students to gauge if the material is truly being understood.
What is it?
The site is very user-friendly for both students and instructors.
The site is easily accessible from a smart-phone.
Best Practices & Tips for Use
Newsfeed for students can ask the instructor or class a question.
Allows students to work in groups and provides an area that only their group members can access.
Students can submit work via site; instructors can add comments through the built in feedback tools.
Students see feedback and grades immediately making communication regarding status in class very timely.This is a great tool for Non-Blended Courses
Remember, Edmodo does not replace the Quad2. Digital classes should still use the Quad2 platform and non-digital classes still need to use the basic functions of Quad2.
Give your classroom presentation a fresh look
Ability to create a free account
User friendly interface with simple instructions
Best Practices & Tips for Use
Upload old PowerPoint Presentations to give them a new, more engaging look.
Create an assignment that requires students to give a presentation using Prezi.
Don't overuse
PresentMe provides users a tool to have " virtual in person" communication.
Best Practices & Tips for Use
A great way to share information that needs further explanation
Instructors can record lab activities with slides that explain the procedures. Students can watch endless times to ensure that they understand the procedure prior to performing it in lab.
Explaining difficult concepts such as acid/base balance would provide the students the ability to focus on the explanation in class and review it as needed on their own time.
The presentations can be shared by email or other social media for students to review as needed.

Benefits of Educational Games
Encourages classroom participation & engagement
Stimulates various learning styles
Practices a variety of important skills
Facilitate a productive, interactive game within your learning environment

What we will Learn
Learning game with user-created multiple choice questions

A user-friendly template for in-class Jeopardy games

Adult learners require a wide range of teaching styles to effectively learn
Videos appeal to a large audience
Videos are particularly helpful for Millennialls
Videos can be viewed repeatedly
General videos can be used
To stimulate thought provoking conversations
To help students learn to reflect
Videos can be created to
To clarify
To demonstrate
To provide instruction absent students
Best Practices & Tips for Use
Using outside resources can be risky
Content can be inaccurate
Content can be offensive
Check content for credibility
Check the source to make sure it comes from a professional and reliable source
Be sure to give credit to the source
Have your program chair and/or DOE vet the material prior to use
Incorporate into your lesson plan
Don’t pull a video in class without checking it first
Don’t use videos in lieu of teaching or as a babysitter.
Keep video presentations short.
Don’t make it more than a few minutes
It should be long enough to clarify, but short enough to keep interest
Impact on Student Learning
Reinforce classroom learning
By providing a review of lectures/demonstrations
Provide absent students with a tool
Help students catch up
Review and learn missed material
Provide an up-to-date style of teaching
Expose students to technology
Useful for students who do not have access to much technology
Appreciated and enjoyed by students who are tech savvy
Impact on Student Learning
Gives the teacher opportunity to:
Demonstrate how other professionals approach the subject
Provides a different point of view
Reinforcement for what is being taught

Can be used to engage higher level learning
Stimulate a thought provoking debate
Teach students to reflect on learning
To Tweet or not to Tweet?
Using social media to make learning more participatory
Prepare student for successful employment
Utilize as an educational tool
Enhance student engagement in the classroom
Improve communication among students & teachers
Benefits of Social Media use in the Classroom
Guidelines to Consider
Incorporating social media in the classroom does not give students constant access to their phones.
Rather, establish times within the class when it is appropriate to use social media.
Set ground-rules of what is expected.
Social media should be used as an enhancement to promote learning, NOT a distraction.
255,000,000 unique monthly users (April 2015)
Excellent way to connect with a professional community
Great way to network with professionals in their field
Join groups for professional development & networking opportunities
Encourage students to create their LinkedIn account in their Intro course to begin marketing themselves in a professional manner
They can continuously update their profile as they learn new skills
Join professional groups
Connect with recruiters & individuals at their “dream company”
If applicable, update with externship/clinical experience
Get endorsements from their externship/clinical site
Update their graduation date
Allows us to stay connected
900,000,000 unique monthly users (April 2015)
Alternate way to connect with your student not in class or outside of class
Great way to promote your course, program, campus
Keeps the collaboration & learning continue beyond the confines of the classroom
Course Group or Page?
Create a separate group for a specific course
By default, groups are “closed” meaning content is only visible to the group
Allows you to share posts, links, photos, videos, events, & documents
Group chat
Set up study groups & collaborate on assignments

Course Group
Greater functionality
Public page
Allows for discussion board, instructor can post current event question or topic
Students can post their own discussion board topics & add blog posts
Does not offer chat or a Docs tab
Open Your Mind, Get Creative and make it fun!
Benefits of Creating Groups
Connect with students outside of class should questions arise
Another means to connect students not in class
Great way to promote speakers, field trips, etc.
Consider creating a page for your Program to engage all students…including prospective students
Great way to keep externs “connected” to the school
Excellent motivation for students still attending class
Great way for students to brag about their experience
Share their experiences with others in the field
Excellent communication tool to stay engaged with students not on campus daily
Individual Course(s)


310,000,000 unique monthly users (April, 2015)
Quick way to send short messages to your students
Easy way to promote class activities, field trips, etc.
Strategies & Tactics for Integration
Assign a course #hashtag
Provide Twitter training(s)
Tweet about upcoming due dates or assignments
Provide the class with a running news feed
Connect classrooms
Live tweet lectures
Collaborate on assignments
Follow the issues
Live tweet field trips
Engage Guest Speakers on Twitter
Social media is a land of new opportunity. Embrace change and be willing to think outside the box
Like anything, be responsible
As a campus, establish the ground rules of how social media will be used and monitored at your campus
Always remember, even in social media…you are representing the organization and should follow the established Code of Conduct
Incorporating Mobile technology in the classroom
Quick Search
Instant Feedback
Personalized Content





Creating a poll in turning point
Ted Talks
Short videos (18 minutes or less)
Covers a variety of topics from science to business to global issues
Commercial Free
Building the Musical Muscle by Charles Limb
Visualizing the Wonder of a Living Cell by David Bolinsky
A Demo of Wireless Electricity by Eric Giler
Why We Need to End the War on Drugs by Ethan Nadelmann
How Great Leaders Inspire Action by Simon Sinek
Why We Laugh by Sophie Scott
Three Rules to Spark Learning by Ramsey Musallam

Sample of Videos
Try something new in your classroom to engage your students.
We have shown you just a few examples of ways that technology has been incorporated in classrooms across our campuses.
Start small and gauge your class on how the technology is received.
How will you connect with technology in your classroom?

What students are saying
Special thanks to our contributors:

Andrea Montella & Fran Candelaria (Hammond)
Brooke Scharlott (Cleveland)
Ramona Garcia (El Paso)
Destry Lievanos & Tessa Riley (Vista)
Sheri Saretsky (San Diego)

Participation Assignment
Create a plan to use one of the technologies reviewed during this session in an upcoming lesson plan.

A digital copy of the activity sheet can be downloaded from Course Resoures.
Optional Group Assignment
Small Group Discussion Topics:
Technology Currently Being Used (30 min)
Team Implementation Plan (60 min)

For more details on these activities, please download the Group Assignment PDF from Course Resources.

Bridging the Gap
Supporting students with remediation & enrichment resources
Benefits of Supplementing the Learning Experience
Offers individualized instruction in a variety of disciplines including:
Computer Programming

Take a peek at what's happening at Khan Academy
Be Innovative, Be Awesome, Inspire
Asking for Help
PresentME in the Classroom
Check out the Appendix for more resources!
Meet Tionne Bledsoe
from Vista!
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