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Info session

No description

Luca Simon

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Info session

Information session 2011.02.22. Pre-interview
AIESEC Camp (4-6 March)
LETS (19-20 March)
TEACH (7-10 April) AIESEC
in numbers 110 countries
800.000 alumni
1600 universities
50.000 members ...every year: 13.000 international internships
10.000 leadership positions
470 conferences APPLY! Until the 24th of February bme.aiesec.hu aiesec.bme@aiesec.net /AIESECBME Developig your personal skills Self-confidence
Presentation skills
Time management
Team work
Openness Developing
professional skills in practice HR
Organizing skills
Negotiation skills
Organizational perspective Inspiring community Team experience
Team work
Similar interests, activities
Network of contacts
Camps and conferences International environment English
Trainees in Hungary :)
International internships Our international internships Management HR
Project management Technical IT
Electronical engineering Development Cultural learning
Educational projects
Not-for-profit organizations
Environtmental protection
Entrepreneurship Flow of the exchange program Flow of the exchange
program - technical internships Zsolt - India
Market research Ákos - Brazil cultural education Peti - China
Software development Livi - Netherlands Marketing A few examples... :) Zsuzsi - France Trainings Ibolya - Netherlands Finance Management Application form
Induction Day
Selection by the company
Language exam
Selection by AIESEC
Outgoing preparation seminar

Life sciences (Bioengineering, environmental engineering...)
Mechanical, energetical engieneering, civil engineering Leadership Planning
Team management Motivation
Self-realization Our international internships 3-18 months
Internship salary
From the 3rd year of studies
Conversational English is needed
Professional experience is required 6-14 weeks
From the 1st year of studies
Accomodation& food is provided
Conversational English is required
No professional experience is needed Management& Technical Development Conferences Your first steps Nóri - China
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