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halah vais

on 13 January 2016

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Transcript of Psychopathy

These are the main three traits used in the diagnostic include

Interpersonal Deficists: Arrogance, selfishness,

Affective Deficists: Lack of guilt and empathy

Impulisive criminal behaviour
Nature vs. Nurture
Nature vs. Nurture - one of the oldest debate issues in psychology. The debate focuses on the contributions of genetic inheritance and enviornmental factors of human developement. The question is are psychopaths born the way they are or somehow created that way, the answer is both nature and nurture make significant contributions to create a full developed psychopath, or just to have a psychopathic brain structure.

Pychopathic characteristics can be seen from childhood
Psychopaths are seven times more likely to commit stranger murders
Psychopaths one year general crime recidivism rate is three times more likely than other ciminals 4 times more likely for violent crimes
Experts estimate that 3% of men and 1% of women have anti-social personality disorder, while 1% of the population is truly psychopathic.
Videos on Pschopathy
6 minutes, only watching half.

Most cases of antisocial behaviour in children are due to poor parenting such as:

Poor socialization
No communication
Abuse (Verbally, Physical)
Harsh punishments

Characteristics of a Psychopath
The Hare checklist includes of:
Glib and superficial
It's All about me
Absence of guilt and remorse
Lack of empathy
Deceit and manipulation
Shallow emotions
Poor behaviour controls
Need for excitement
Lack of responsibility
Adult antisocial behaviour
What is Psychopathy?
Psychopathy is a mental illness/disorder

More specifically called ASPD (Antisocial personal Disorder)

Diagnosed using the PCL-R (Pyschopathy Checklist-Revised)

The PCL-R was developed by psychologist Robert hare.

The PCL-R requires an interview, examination of personal files of the individual

Consists of a specific set of personality traits for their impressions
Research has shown that psychopathy appears to be linked to specific structural abnormalaties in the brain
Who is a psychopath?
Those who you would not guess
Can be found among anyone
Among all classes of populations
Any profession (Businessman, Boss, Co-worker, Politics)
Research has shown those with frontal head injuries (frontal lobe) damage parts of the brain that are responsible for emotional functioning have difficulty showing empathy
PCL-R Traits
2 minutes.

Thank you for listening!
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