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Going to the Art Museum!

No description

Cassie Stephens

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of Going to the Art Museum!

Where is The Frist Center for Visual Arts?
The Frist Center for Visual Arts (also known as The Frist) is an art museum located in downtown Nashville. We will travel north by bus.
What is The Frist?
The Frist is an art museum. That means it's a place for people to admire and be inspired by viewing the artwork of others. The Frist used to be a post office! When we arrive, you will see where people used to get their mail and purchase stamps for letters.
What will we see at the Frist?
The Frist has changing art exhibits. Like how I change the artwork in the halls, The Frist changes their artwork too. We will be seeing the paintings of Wasilly Kandinsky who, as you know, is the Father of Abstract Painting. Do you know what 3 things an abstract painting has?
An Art Museum has Rules
No Running.

Are you cray? This is an art museum!
No Talking on Your Cell Phone.

Wait, you have a cell?
No Taking Pictures.

It can damage the artwork.
No Loud Talking.

We don't want to disturb people.
No Eating or Drinking.

We will do that when we return.

Who is Wasilly Kandinsky?
Kandinsky is called the father of Abstract Painting. There are two kinds of abstract paintings:
(that means there are objects in the painting you might recognize) and
(that means the painting consists of lines, colors and shapes). Kandinsky is famous for his non-objective paintings.
How he became an artist (like us!)
Wasilly Kandinsky, who is from Russia, originally thought he'd become a lawyer. That is until he saw the paintings of Claude Monet. Kandinsky loved Monet's thick brush strokes (his style is called Impressionism) and decided to become an artist as well.
An Artists Style
Every artist has a style. It's what makes his artwork unique. In the beginning, Wasilly created paintings like his favorite artists. Then he slowly started to discover hiw own unique style.
Wasilly Kandinsky
Kandinsky eventually created a unique style that was all his own. He was greatly influenced by how music can affect lines, shapes and color. What ind of music do you think Kandinsky listened to during the creation of these paintings?
Our Field Trip Will Rock!
Going to the Art Museum!
Let's go to the Frist Center for Visual Arts to see
Kandinsky: A Retrospective

Not only will we be viewing the artwork of Wasilly Kandinsky but we will be creating art work as well!
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