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Leslie Macias

on 10 September 2015

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Transcript of LONDRES

* Leslie Alejandra Arechar Macias
* Vanesa Andrade Zepeda
* Amada de Gaona Vazquez

London is a global city, which is extremely important, in the field of arts, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, media, research, tourism and transport.
Londres ( London en ingles es la capital de Inglaterra y del Reino Unido)
In January a painted New Year Parade, which are thousands of musicians it is organized.
For several days alternating different cultural activities, citizens visit various concerts, exhibitions and performances.

London is located in northern Europe, precisely in the island of the sovereign state of UK and England's capital city, located at the geographic coordinates (51 ° 30'25 "N 00 ° 07'39" W), virtually on meridian 0 or Greenwich Mean Time, which has dedicated a park in the city.
$ London generates approximately 20% of the entire gross domestic product of the United Kingdom, and its vast metropolitan area, which is the largest in Europe, 30% of the nation.
$ One of the main financial centers of the world, while rivals New York as the preeminent place of international finance.
$London many companies in the media sector and the distribution industry media focus is the second most competitive sector of the economy of the city
$ The Port of London is the second largest in the country and manages 45 million tons of goods every year.
° London is a popular tourist destination, so this is one of its main industries: 350 000 people working full time in tourism
°More than 50 people were killed and 750 injured in three bombings in the London Underground trains and a fourth on a double-decker bus near King's Cross. .
1. British Museum

2. Tate Modern

3. National Gallery

4. Natural History Museum

5. London Eye

6. Science Museum

7. Victoria and Albert Museum

8. Madame Tussauds

9. National Maritime Museum

10. Tower London

It is a very popular fast food dish in England. The dish consists of different types of fish (especially cod and hake) with flour and egg batter accompanied by fries which usually add salt and vinegar.
So named because it typically involves taking Sunday
different roast meats (pork, veal or lamb) accompanied
roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, sausage and vegetables
season all washed down with a thick sauce made with onions
and gravy (gravy).

Carrot Cake.
English carrot cake is perhaps an unpromising name does not do justice to its exquisite taste. With mashed carrot sticks, sweet flavor and soft texture, taste this cake in cake or cupcake.

The best-known teas are black tea Darjeeling, Earl Grey tea, which has its citric be flavored with bergamot flavor, Lady Grey tea, a milder variation of Earl Grey tea, Assam tea or tea Inglés Breakfast a blend of teas from Assam, Ceylon and Kenya

Although the British also drink
coffee, bitter beer, whiskey and wine
Total 8 308 369 habitantes

:5285 population / square kilometer

Urban Population 9,787,426 inhabitants
Metropolitan population 15,010,295 inhabitants

Give importance to the greeting in life
everyday. It is generally of a
handshake, male or female,
then kisses on the cheek only occur between people very close.

London is a beautiful city, where people are very friendly and respectful in every way, its language is English, and here most of the year as cold and opinion is a romantic place to travel with your partner, eating the rich food they make there and typical drinks.

London, capital of England and the
UK, has a history
dates back over 2,000 years.

The City of London is its historic center and today is your main
financial district.
The London Plan, published by the Mayor of London
in 2004, it estimated that the population would reach 8.1
million in 2016 and continue to rise thereafter.
On July 6, 2005 London won the right to host the 2012 Olympics and Paralympicsmaking the first city to host the modern games three times .

However, the celebrations were dashed the next day when the city was rocked by a series of terrorist attacks.

More than 50 people were killed and 750 injured in three bombings in the London Underground trains and a fourth on a double-decker bus near King's Cross.
They are known for their unconditional love
to tea at 5 pm
the so-called Five O'clock Tea.
In March, it says the Festival of whiskey.
In this event come drink lovers around the world during the festival guests can try different species of whiskey and buy several bottles of the drink of choice

In early June Festival is held annually in the arts, during which various exhibitions and auctions are organized. June An important event is the most famous antiques fair "Summer Olympia Fine Art & Antiques Fair", which are collectors of all countries
Thank you...
Visiten Londres...
END ...
The citizens of London are very attentive and applied at work,
they are very patient in dealing with papers and documents respect the highway code.

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