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National Hockey League and the National Hockey League Players Association Collective Bargaining Agreement

Monica Chudik

on 11 February 2016

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Transcript of NHL + NHLPA CBA

Distributive Negotiations
Target Point & BATNA
National Hockey League
national hockey league players association

Collective Bargaining Agreement
I. Introduction
II. History of Teams + Important Players
III. Timeline of Events
IV. Integrative Negotiation
V. Distributive Negotiation
Integrative Negotiations
History of Teams
Away Team: NHL
MSM 9019: Conflict & Neg. Mgmt
Final presentation

Monica Chudik
Emmanuel College
Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)

Attained Through Labour-Management Negotiations

Expired CBA + Labour Dispute = Lockout
Independent Association
Operates the League
Headquartered: New York
Born: Canada
Home Team: NHLPA
Negotiate & Enforce: Fair Trade & Employment

Relationship History
1. 1992 Strike: Collective Bargaining Negotiation Issue
Postponed 30 Games

2. 1994/5 Lockout: Negotiation Issues
Season Shortened to 48 Games

3. 2004/5 Lockout: Negotiation Issues
Canceled Season

4. 2012/13 Lockout: Negotiation Issues
All games up to January 14, 2013 were canceled
Major Players Relationship History
Show of Hands:
Good Relationship?

Bad Relationship?
Timeline of Events
NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman
NHLPA Executive Director Donald Fehr
Januray 29th- Bargaining Begins

September 13- Owners meet in New York and unanimously endorse decision to lock out players when the previous collective bargaining agreement expires at the end of Sept. 15.

September 16th- Lockout Begins and negotiations continue until…

January 6th- On the 113th day of the lockout, the sides reach agreement

Creating a Free Flow of Information
NHL shared 76,000 pages of financial documents
Did NOT work
"Data Dump"
Negative perceptions
Negative History & Relationship
Applicable to Separate Third Party (Public)
Attempting to Understand Real Needs & Objectives
Owners Want:
Players Want:
Increased Revenue Sharing
Discrepancy Never Addressed/Resolved
Target Points?
Bargaining Mix & Concession Making
Newly Defined:
Benefit Pension Plan
Revenue Sharing Oversight Committee
Industry Growth Fund
Salary Retention Ability - Player Trades
Player Playoff Pool
Owner-Player Relations Committee
Thank You for Your Time!
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