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Tropical design

No description

jerome torrefiel

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Tropical design

Tropical design
james antony paycana
group 5
Torrefiel, Jerome
The Problem Statement
Hot humid tropical conditions in Philippines affect the high temperature, and
low air flow which affect on the comfortable indoor environment. Residential
buildings are subject to significant cooling requirements due to high intensity of heat
transient from building envelope. Tropical building design principle can significantly
decrease air temperature in the rooms and large energy savings can be achieved.

An application of tropical building principle design reduces internal heat
gain, high temperature in the room and make comfortable indoor environment. In hot
humid climate, the problem emphasized by the fact that it is important to understand
the solar radiation, temperature and wind profile outside buildings in order to achieve
indoor thermal comfort.

Design Concept:
Tropical modern house
is a house concept that is able to adapt to the tropical climate with a touch of modern and traditional architecture. According to the traditional architecture which is capable of adapting a tropical climate, to create a modern tropical house concept can be referred to the traditional architecture.
Based on those basic principles, we can develop or adjust the tropical house concept with the modern architectural technology. This adjustment will bring a contemporary house design called the tropical modern house. This concept can create a variety forms of modern traditional expressions, such as vernacular, modern tropical, tropical resort, etc… You can even design an ultra modern concept along with the Purime approach or Platonic solid shape, but still, it has to be referred to the basic principles of the tropical house.
- Decrease indoor air temperature compare with outdoor air temperature.
- Provide minimum comfort index at thermal comfort temperature requirement.
Design Objectives:
- To identify and establish the effectiveness of existing tropical house design
against actual outdoor condition

- To develop new tropical building design principles base on theoretical and
actual building performance with scientific evidence
Design Principles :
•- air temperature, its extremes and the difference between day and night, and
-between summer and winter;
• -humidity and precipitation;
• -incoming and outgoing radiation,
• -the influence of the sky condition, air movements and winds.
• -minimize heat gain during daytime and maximize heat loss at night in hot seasons,
• -minimize internal heat gain in the hot seasons;
• -select the site according to microclimatic criteria;
•- optimize the building structure (especially regarding thermal storage and time lag);
• -control solar radiation;
•- regulate air circulation.

Tropical Roof Design Principles for Passive Cooling Strategy
A near vertical sun during the hottest hours of the day causes the roof to bear
the greatest intensity of heat (Plumbe, 1987). The roofing should be tightly fixed and
the material should insulate the building from both excessive heat and humidity.

. Roof Solar Shaded

Appropriate external shading devices can control the amount of solar
radiation admitted into the room, which could largely reduce cooling loads and improve indoor thermal comfort and day lighting quality.

Roof Solar Shaded
. Roof Solar Reflection

According to Sharma (2003) if the external surfaces of the building are
painted with such colours that reflect solar radiation (in order to have minimum
absorption), but the emission in the long wave region is high, then the heat flux
transmitted into the building is reduced considerably.

Roof Solar Reflection
. Roof Thermal Insulation
According Garde (2004) the major importance of good insulation of the roof
in tropical climate is thickness and colour of insulation. In general, 5cm insulation is
being used for red and blue tiled roofs, which is inadequate. Therefore, insulation
thickness needs to be at least 8cm (the value for medium colours) and to use
polystyrene as insulation rather than mineral wool.

Example of natural sunlight & air ventilation
Building elements and materials
• External walls
• Roofs
Concrete block and render
timber cladding
Metal sheet roofs
solar panels
Rainwater goods

low e double panel glass
• Porches and canopies
• Doors
sliding door
swing door
satellite dishes
Fernan, Eurence F.
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