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Alcohol Abuse

No description

Nycole Shannon

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Abuse Alcohol can hurt you in different ways. Many people think alcohol can erase all kinds of problems, but in reality it can cause more problems with the people around you. These four articles that I found were very helpful and the makers of the articles helped me to gather a few more facts about alcohol abuse. These four articles names are Alcohol Problems and Solutions, Background on Alcohol Abuse, Alcohol Alert, and Teen Alcohol Abuse Statistics. These articles helped me to understand the entire format of why alcohol abuse is bad. Facts about Alcohol Abuse. Alcohol Abuse? Although alcohol is a legal drug, addiction is a common problems and many social and psychological issues with it.
19.6% of eighth graders have drunken within the last thirty days.
Genetics play a significant role: having parents with alcoholism, for instance, makes you four times more likely than other children to become alcoholics.
In 2007, underage drinks consumed 14.5% of the alcohol sold in the U.S., spending $24.2 billion in sales.
While the moderate consumption of alcohol is associated with better health and longer life then is abstinence,the heavy consumption of alcohol, especially over a period of many years, can lead to serious health problems and even death. Alcohol Abuse is when a person drinks so much alcohol that they tend to become addicted to alcohol. They become addicted and start craving alcohol more and more each passing day. Soon they begin to have lack of focus on things and before you know it they forget about family members and focus on the alcohol they think is needed for survive. Alcohol abuse is closely related to Alcoholism much worse. Lets watch a quick clip! The effects of Alcohol Abuse An effect to drinking and abusing alcohol is that you could start having hallucinations.
Another effect of abusing alcohol is that you might get confused. The alcohol will seep deep into your brain and mix things up. Names for people, work schedule, maybe you'll even loose concentration on something your doing that's important. More Facts on Alcohol Abuse The affects of alcohol on mood are known contributors to its use and abuse. It is less known how its effects on memory and inhibitory control add to alcohol being an addictive drug.
People who consume alcohol to overcome depression think that by drinking alcohol they can relieve their state of mind. Alcohol ay give them relief from their problem; however they have to rely on the alcohol to deal with suck problems in life.
Some people laugh at the behavior of others who drink. Some think it's even funnier when they pass out. but there is nothing funny about puke causing suffocation, which can result in death.
You might know that someone who drank excessive alcohol will probably vomit. This is because alcohol is an irritant to the stomach. However, this creates a new danger of choking on vomit and suffocation because a person may not be alert to get enough air.
It may greatly surprise many people to learn that the early Pilgrims who colonized America were regular alcohol consumers, and when the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620, they had a major crisis involving alcohol. Here's Another Video I Found Four Articles Activists People who Responded I sent four emails to different company's. Out of the four only one responded and gave me some valid answers. This was from Turning Point Centers. I got a response with the Co-Founder Tony Dail. He is a nice guy and he had a similar life to those of Alcohol Abuse. He had his family drink a lot and when a friend offered him a job he decided to take it and work to find out more about Alcohol Abuse. He shared his story with me and explained a lot about his life and was very open with everything that I asked him. Lets See What You've Learned Stand up and see which side of the room you want to go to. The right for 'Agree' and the left for 'Disagree'. I will ask you a series of questions and answer them truthfully.
Is Alcohol Abuse good for the body?
Does it help the brain focus more?
Lets Change it up. Who can answer this?
Why do people abuse alcohol? What is the outcome of it? Abusing Alcohol Alcohol can be a dangerous drugs, it can be even more dangerous when you abuse it. People have a choice to make stay pure and live a difficult life or give into the abuse of alcohol. "Alcoholism is an amazing disease and one that I find very interesting. It's amazing what can happen to the brain due to the abuse of alcohol. The mid-brain actually turns a corner and believes it has to have the alcohol in order to live! Alcoholism is not a choice, it's a degenerative disease of the brain." (Tony Dail, Co-Founder, TURNING POINT CENTERS)
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