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Elements of Fiction in Walter Dean Myers Briefcase

No description

Josh G

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Elements of Fiction in Walter Dean Myers Briefcase

The Elements of Fiction in Walter Dean Myers Briefcase
There is both
conflict in this short story. The main character has internal conflict between himself and the man with the briefcase who tells him to turn off his music. He thinks the man thinks of himself more important than him because of how he's dressed compared to him and that makes him mad mentally. There is also external conflict because things around where he lives aren't going good and he has problems at his job.
Main Characters: Unnamed narrator, The man with the briefcase

He is a static character because from the start of the story til the end his attitude and way of thinking don't change. He still feels the same way as he did towards the man with the briefcase as he did before.
The story takes place in New York in an urban neighborhood during night and late afternoon.
There are several themes in this story. Here are some of them:

Power, Identity, Control
This story is told in first person because the main character tells the story through his own eyes as they happen to him. The author uses the first person "I" to tell the story. For example a paragraph from the story.
Point of View
Undisclosed time
New York
The main character is coming from work as he gets on the train with his music playing from his boombox. A random man with a briefcase confronts him about his boombox and tells him to turn his music down. The main character does but he doesn't take it in a nice way.
At the beginning he's coming home from an exhausting and unhappy day at work and then this woman calls him a menace and she steps in front of his bike, he gets angry but decides to let it go and then he decides to take the train and he meets a man with a briefcase who tells him to turn down his music.
Things keep happening around his neighborhood and violence keeps rising and and he can't stop thinking of the man with the briefcase so he decides to get a gun in case he sees the man with the briefcase again on the train so he can be ready for him.
There is no falling action/conflict isn't resolved.
There is no resolution because in the story he just waits with the gun on the train waiting to see the man with the briefcase, the story is left on a cliffhanger.
"I was like beat. Just before quitting time i had picked up a flat case from Broadway near Canal Street and had to take it all the way uptown to Riverside Drive. You go up Riverside Drive and that's like all uphill. Then i got caught up in traffic on the way downtown and some woman stepped right out in front of my bike."
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