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No description

Mayan reiter

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Water

WATER SYSTEMS WATER TYPES SALT WATER FRESH MUDDY #2 evaporation persipation condensation some of the things the water will go through are evaporation is where water particles are moving so fast from the suns heat that they change from a liquid to a gas. The water in the oceans and streams ect. are converted into vapor or steam! the vapor or steam is starting to cool down. This is the prosses by which the water is changing state from vapor or gas to a liquid. Condensation is where lots of water is condenced and the air can't hold it anymore, When there is no more space left in the cloud for the water droplets some of the water droplets have to leave in the form of a rain drop (persipation is any form of water that falls from the sky) what is a water cycle water cycle is a cycle in which water moves from the rivers, seas, oceans ect. when it reaches the sky as a gas it will be stored in a cloud. Once that cloud can't hold anymore water it will fall back to Earth in the form of persipation dirty atmospheric spring purefied rain water
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