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AS Lit B Outline

No description

Alex May

on 2 July 2014

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Transcript of AS Lit B Outline

AQA English Literature B
Outline of your AS-level Course
Also two poetry texts.
The exam
In section A you write about one text. It can be any of the ones you have studied. It's up to you!
There are two questions
You have to answer them both on the same text!
The first (odd numbered question) will ask you about AO2
It almost always seems to ask, 'How does the author tell the story in chapter X'?
Key events
Brief recapping of the overarching story
What has the author shown to be important? What choices have they made in making this story?
How have they foregrounded this?
There will always be a story within the extract - even with poem sections
There maybe framing devices and dual narratives / multiple stories.
Focus only on what's important.
The even question will ask you to focus on AO3.
So don't write anything that might match AO2
because you won't get any marks for it.
Focus on meanings and interpretations
the sections of the text that will help you answer well.
Make sure you write about the same text as you did for the previous question!
AO1 (articulate response) and AO4 (context) are also tested here.
Section B
In this part you will need to give a long answer to one question in which you must discuss all
of your other texts.
But they don't have to have the same weight. No one text should get less that 20% of your time.
This section tests AO1 (articulate writing), AO2 (aspects of narrative), and AO3 (interpretations). They must all be intertwined.
But oddly you don't need to compare texts. You can treat them in isolation.
You will study two plays, both comedies. One will be Shakespeare, the other more modern.
I plan to do Twelfth Night
We will do some intro work on narrative, then start 'Gatsby.' After half term we will start our comedy.
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