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Night Book Report

No description

Vanessa Stimpert

on 2 May 2011

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Transcript of Night Book Report

.:Night:. By: Elie Wiesel In 1944, Elie Wiesel who was 14 at the time lived in the town of Sighet. The Story Sighet Elie, his family, and many other jews who were residing in Sighet were captured and taken to Germany. They travled for many days and stayed in a couple of places until they reached the camp they would be staying the most time at, Buna They stayed at Buna a concentration camp. The people who could work and had skills were sent to other camps. Inmates were told by the Germans they had to understand everything they said or else they would be burned. In order to stay with his father, Elie said he was 18. At the beginning of their stay each inmate were given new clothes and The Kapas choosed the men they liked. Elie Wiesel -he was a teenager when he was taken away
-Studied Kabbalah and Talmud
-Wrote the book Night
-Elie cares about his family more than anything else Chlomo -Chlomo is Elie's father
-He cares about Elie and his family very much
_ He gives Elie the strength to keep going on. Elie Wiesel Now Elie and many others were beaten on a regular basis by the SS officers or other Germans at the camp. Elie and other inmates were feed little food. They would mostly have soup and bread. Near the end of the year after living in hard conditions things got worse. SS officers started selections. Basically they had to pass a test in order to stay alive. Only the healthy would stay alive The Selection The Selection was designed to get rid of the weak. For the first selection, each inmate had to run. Elie passed easily, but others inculding his father were not so lucky. Not that kind of test. Elie was worried about his father passing the selections. After he failed the first one, his father felt defeted. He gave Elie a knife and a spoon. All the inmates who had a Gold Tooth were sent to have it pulled out. Elie was able to keep his tooth for a while by saying he was ill, but the Forman would beat his father until Elie would give up his tooth. One day, American forces were attacking the Buna Factory. During this when everyone was on the ground one inmate tryed to take more rations of soup, But before he could even taste the soup he was shot infront of everyone there. One week later after the attack, many people were being hanged for stealing infront of all the inmates. Elie's father passed the next Selection and was able to keep on living. In january, Elie's foot began to swell and the doctor said they would have to operate. Elie would have to wait 2 weeks before he could use his leg. Two days after Elie's operation the camp was going to evacuate. The Red Army was racing towards Buna. Everyone would march and the sick would not be evacuated. Elie was told the sick would just be killed off. Elie wanted to stay with his father more than anything. Elie and his father were going to evacuate with the others In the middle of a snowy night each block had to start marching and then would have to run. If anyone were to stop or collapsed they were shot. They had ran more than 20 kilometers before they were ordered to stop. Elie and his father stayed in a shed along with a hundred others. Elie's father would not sleep though. He wanted Elie to sleep. Many people died from exashtion. Soon they were forced to march again. Everyone marched to the next camp at Gleiwitz. Everyone stayed at the camp for three days with no food or water. After three days everyone was seperated on to two different convoys. All the people who were well enough to keep moving on were sent to the right while the people who were too weak were sent Left. Elie's father was orginally sent left, but Elie created a commotion and was able to get his father on the convoy to the right. During there travel they recived no food. The convoy stopped at a field and took out all the dead and almost took Elie's father out. Many people fought over crumbs of food for the many nights they traveled. Glacier wind blowed through there convoy which made everyone cry from how cold it was. They arived in Buchenwald with only 12 left. Elie's father was very weak. Elie would give his father his rations of food, beacuse they gave no food to the sick. His father had dysenery. Even when Elie took his father to the doctor they did nothing. His father was even betten for being sick. After a week during one night Elie's father kept calling out to him. he was hit by the guard, but still kept calling out to him. Elie could do nothing for him. On January 29 Elie found his father gone. His father had been taken to the crematorium. Elie did not cry. Elie was brought to the childrens block. On April 5, all jews were called to gather in the Appelplatz. The children were sent back, but they learned that the underground resistance decided not to abandon the jews. Evacuations started, but it wasnt until April 11 that the first american tank came through the gates. Elie was transfered to the hospital from food posioning. One day he got up andlooked at himself in the mirrior and that gaze never left him. THE END!!!
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