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Sarah Hay

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Chapter 1 Group Summaries
Course and Classmate Intro
School Resources
Welcome to Pathways

Differences between High School and College Culture Activity
Where are you from?
Educational history?
-Make sure to save all notes/in-class work for the final
-May not always have formal breaks as our class will be around two hours long
15 points
Group 1 pages 1 through 5 (stop at assess yourself)
Group 2 pages 9 through 15 (stop at "The Culture...")
Group 3 pages 15 through 19 (stop at Journal Entry)
Group 4 pages 21 through 25 (stop at "The Core")
Group 5 pages 25 through 33 (stop at Journal Entry)
-Can skip all "journal entry" and colored boxes
-Pick out three to four important points of about one sentence in length to share with the class and also write down your page numbers at the top of the page; I will make copies of your notes for classmates
-1. Student portal https://mycampus.national.edu/secure/Student/loginstu.aspx, look at 2. http://online.national.edu
-Look at 3. Smarthinking and 4. the online library

Important phone numbers:
Asante Moody, Academic Dean 402-972-4233
IT Support, 1-800-548-0602

Library tutorial:

Bellevue campus directory:

Look over the chart on page 17, then 1. pick three differences that you think will be the most challenging for you and 2. describe why; list these on a piece of paper and hand in. After the three that will be the most challenging also describe 3. how you plan to get over these challenges.

-15 points
Journal Entry
Write out the journal entry on page 27 to turn in, numbers 1-3.
Skim over the "Becoming an Active Learner" section starting on page 21 to answer #3.
-15 points
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