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Business Final Project

No description

Kyle` Persaud

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Business Final Project

Company Profile
Cineplex is a great theatre to watch the latest movies that we all love.
Cineplex was founded on April 19, 1979, by Garth Drabinsky and Nat Taylor.
It opened its first theatre, a 21-screen megaplex at Toronto's Eaton Centre.
Cineplex sells a wide variety items such as movie tickets, popcorn, candy, soda, slushies, nachos. The also provide service of arcade games and movies.
Cineplex started off as a corporation where anyone could purchase their stock.
Cineplex is currently a partnership between Famous Players and Galaxy Entertainment
Business Final Summative
Cineplex, Coming Soon To A Business Course Near You !!
By: Kyle Persaud and Safraz Boodhoo
Cineplex’s company slogan is “Enjoy the show” and their logo is CINEPLEX ESCAPE WITH US with six gold arches that in stacks of 3 and facing each other to make somewhat of a circle.
Cineplex itself sells movie tickets, foods, and beverages but they also have many different joint-ventures like Pizza Hut, New York Fries, and Burger King.
Their price for a typical adult ticket is $11.50 including tax and on Tuesdays all tickets are $6.50.
They place there theaters in popular intersections or places for example SilverCity Brampton Cinemas is located in Trinity Commons which is a popular shopping district. They also have huge Coming Soon posters on the outside of their theaters to grab people’s attention.
Working At Cineplex
Two jobs that you can apply for at Cineplex is to be a cashier or a custodian.
Cashiers at Cineplex are in charge of selling movie tickets and food to customers. Cashiers must be able to make change and work the machinery. These cashiers must always be happy and polite when dealing with customers or they could lose business.
Cineplex custodians have a lot of work to do. These are the people who clean up after each movie is finished. This job can be pretty hard sometimes because they have to sweep the floors, remove all the garbage that people leave behind all before the next movie starts, which isn’t that much time at all. Custodians at Cineplex work very hard and fast to make sure that when we watch a movie we are comfortable and content.
The Stocks
The stock has changed greatly because of the release of “Fast and Furious 6” The stock definitely increases or decreases based on the release or soon to be released movies. The stock rose just before “Iron Man 3” was released dropped back down to its average, than increased again a week before “Fast and Furious 6” came out in theatres.
I would definitely invest in this company in the future because Cineplex’s stock has shown significant over the last year. Plus if the stock rises when new movies come out then goes back down to its average once the movie has been realised I would be making tons of money. Cineplex also has barely any competition, they are the largest motion picture exhibitor in Canada, when people want to go see a movie, they generally go to a Cineplex movie theatre. Cineplex owns, leases or has a joint-venture interest in 136 theatres with 1,455 screens serving approximately 71 million guests annually. This means that Cineplex is a widely known company and is doing very well.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Cineplex is a proud supporter of the Starlight Children’s Foundation. This organization try’s to makes life easier for children and their families during times of severe medical need. Cineplex employees regularly support local events to benefit the communities in which they operate. Cineplex is also very eco – friendly. The majority of their printed materials: food trays and popcorn bags are manufactured with paper from sustainable or recycled resources. Degradable garbage bags are made from 100% recycled material. Film prints are also returned for recycling. Cineplex uses environmentally responsible cleaning products and all foodservice and washroom paper products are now manufactured with 100% recycled paper. Lighting in their public spaces are being changed to energy efficient standards.
Cineplex is a founding partner and proud participant in the “Access 2 Entertainment” program. Access 2 Entertainment provides free admission for support persons accompanying a person with a disability at certain movie theatres across the country. They provide two free admission coupons to any applicant in order to balance the program’s application fee.
Employs are ready to assist guests with disabilities at any time so that they may also have an exceptional entertainment experience. Finally Cineplex offers “Rear Window Captioning” (RWC) for deaf, deafened and hard of hearing individuals; and “Descriptive Video Service” (DVS) for our blind and visually impaired guests, at select theatres. Cineplex of course cannot do this to every movie because they do not own the owners of the film just licensed distributors.
Cineplex is a good company to invest in.
New movies come out every month and when they do our sales are off the charts. Are stocks do reach there low points when the movies get older but by that time another movie would normally already be out.
Therefore Cineplex is an amazing company to invest in. Although our stocks might now be as high as we’d like, we still make a profit and that income is fairly high.
Also Cineplex has been around for quite some time now we have a lot of experience and we are constantly making money.
Many other companies have formed joint-ventures with us which helps us out even more. So we are making money and we are a great company.
Tracking The Stocks
Rear Window Captioning
Descriptive Video Service
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