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Electro Magnetic Flying Object

Jeffery Ko

on 29 July 2013

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Transcript of E.M.F.O

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
What is E.M.F.O?
Ever feel like your helper is too lazy, not co-operative or not to focused on work? Then E.M.F.O is your best solution to your problems! It's a Electro Magnetic Flying Object, a nano-technology advanced assistant, helper and security!
Why was E.M.F.O made and what is so special about it?
It basically has many function through science, such as Magnets and electricity. The function is mainly to assist the person himself/herself but, we mainly made this item as we made a survey asking how many people are having trouble doing work or if the helpers are being
too lazy. Most people came up with an idea of a
robot helper, so we decided to help them with
this, by making E.M.F.O.
E.M.F.O as a helper, assistant and security
E.M.F.O as a helper:
1) Do chores
E.G. Wash dishes
2) Help you by its magnet
E.G. Carry metal, experiment
3) Portable battery for almost all electronic products (it is solar energy, so there is no waste)
Electro Magnetic Flying Object
Our Corporation is a high tech
factory that creates unmanned
drones which are legal to many
countries. We help how people's
life will be in the future.
Because Apple is too mainstream

(Businesslike Advanced Nano-Technology)
E.M.F.O as a assistant
2)Produce Wifi signal through 2G/3G/LTE internet.
E.M.F.O as a security
1)Security camera
2)Motion Tracker
We want to change the
future just with
technology, and with
just a help from people
to make it possible.
It comes in mainly, Black-Yellow, Black-
Red, Green-Orange or Blue-Red

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