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Main Idea and Supporting Details

No description

Krystle Larsen

on 28 December 2012

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Transcript of Main Idea and Supporting Details

Main Idea and Supporting Details We will summarize the main ideas and supporting details in a text. Objectives: Sometimes the author tells you the main idea. Sometimes you must figure it out for yourself. The main idea is the most important idea
about a topic. The best way to summarize is to use a map
like the one below... There are eight planets in the Solar System, and each one is different. Some planets like Jupiter and Saturn are very large. Others, like Mercury and Mars are smaller. Jupiter has moons that are larger than Mercury. The planets also have different atmospheres of hydrogen and helium. the atmosphere on Venus is made up of carbon dioxide. Earth has a nitrogen and oxygen atmosphere. Neptune's atmosphere is mostly hydrogen. The planets also have different temperatures. Uranus is the coldest and Venus is the hottest. Now lets try one all together... Supporting details tell more about the main idea. Main Idea Supporting
Detail Supporting
Detail Supporting
Detail Now you try it in your reading notebook. Here is your paragraph: Zoo elephants get very good care. Each morning zookeepers give them a special bath. They wash the elephants with water and a brush. Then they paint oil on their skin and rub oil on their feet. This is very important in elephant care. It helps the elephants stay healthy. Main Idea: Supporting Detail: Supporting Detail: Supporting Detail: All of the planets are different. The planets are different sizes, some are small and some are big. The planets have different atmospheres. Some planets are hot, while others are cold.
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