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speech lab

No description

Joenick Sanico

on 16 December 2012

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Transcript of speech lab

RECONSTRUCTED SPEECH LABORATORY 1. Every activity has its proper venue. The Speech laboratory is exclusively for laboratory classes. Other crucial use/booking of the facility shall be subject to the approval and notification of the School President. 2. We value accountability. Speech classes must always be accompanied by subject teachers. The office staff reserves the right not to allow students to get inside the laboratory without the presence of the subject teacher. 3. Each student is expected to maintain the cleanliness and functionality of the laboratory. Upon entry, students will be asked to surrender all sorts of writing materials (pencils, ballpens, markers, pentel pens, or coloring pens). Bags may be left on the area designated by the personnel inside the laboratory. Users are advised to yield themselves for inspection by the staff upon entering the laboratory. 4. Each student is expected to take care of their assigned cubicles. Vandalisms, damages and defacement found on cubicles and equipment will be charged against the student who is occupying the said cubicle. Monitoring will be ensured with the use of a ‘seat plan’ where each student is assigned to a permanent cubicle. Any forms of vandalisms, damages and defacements will be traced through the seat plan. 5. “We eat, but not inside the Speech laboratory.” Users are expected to yield for inspection for the prohibition of drinks and chewing of gums and candies and eating of crisps, chips, bread or sandwiches. 6. Stewardship is an LCCian core value. We expect every user of the laboratory to maintain cleanliness and orderliness. Headsets must be properly arranged(must be hung up/dropped on the right corner of the glass panel). Chairs pushed back under the desk. Proper position and chairs and Headsets 7. Respect authority. Only laboratory personnel, teachers or assigned staff is allowed to manipulate the control equipment( teacher’s console, LCD, DVD, teacher’s computer) in the laboratory. Students are also prohibited to manipulate the headsets and equipment assigned to other students. 8. Sit- ins are prohibited. 9. The Speech laboratory is a venue for experiential learning. While ‘Academic Noise” inside the laboratory is tolerated, ROWDINESS ( yelling, shouting, running & playing) is completely prohibited. Students who are unruly may be asked to leave the laboratory. 10. Users are encouraged to report immediately to the Head of Laboratories and staff damages and malfunctions in equipment seen and detected in their respective cubicles. Thank you!
Happy Laboratory Hours!
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