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Industrial Revolution vs. Current working conditions.

US History livebinders Q2 L1 US HISTORY BABY

Tori Grimm

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Industrial Revolution vs. Current working conditions.

Industrial Revolution (1750 to 1850)
vs. Current time By: Tori Grimm Child Labor Laws Factories Housing This is an image of the typical housing arrangements during the Industrial Revolution. This image shows how little space families had for living. These are pictures of examples on what houses look like today. Child labor laws were not enforced during this time period. Children used to work as much as adults during the Industrial Revolution. In the current times, all kids attend school and work hard to learn. Now days kids volunteer to do work, because of child labor laws. Factories have really improved since the 1800s'.
Most big factories have machines doing the work instead of people. This is the outside appearance of what some factories look like. Factories in the 1800s' were very crowded and needed a lot of people. The factories then aren't very different from what they look like today as far as structures. Women Women were degraded then and had little to no choice in employment. In the current times, women can be just as and even more powerful than men in the business world. On Strike Coal Mines People get a lot more respect in the work place now but some not as much as they think they deserve. It's not as often but we do still strike. People would often go on strike because they didn't get a lot of respect on the job. A lot of men and children would have to work in the coal mines. It was an important job but it was not very comfortable for the workers to be working dangerously in such close space. There isn't a big demand for coal miners anymore but they do still exist. It's a lot safer now, because they is so much more room to work. Apparel During this time clothing began to be more complex due to the invention of the sewing machine. Men's fashion was a series of suits while women's dress continues to balloon out with ruffles, decorations and petticoats. There are so many different types of styles in 2012 but one thing most of everyone has is jeans. Our clothes now are a lot different then they wer ein the 1800s, they were a lot more conservative then.
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