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L&P Test Strategy

No description


on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of L&P Test Strategy

Objective Load and Performance Test Strategy Provide information about how the system will perform under Load Load Testing Resulting Report Concurrent Threads - Throughput How? Web Server Our Role as seen by others making performance transparent Load can be
* normal usage: actual or estimated number of users
* long time usage (24h, soak test)
* higher than normal usage (stress & scalability) * understand system behavior under different usage patterns
* predict end user experience under load
* make go/no-go decisions
* plan for future scaling
* improve project quality Our customers are
* Product owners
* D&O
* Marketing
* Management Helping our customers to what are we doing A battery of tests Stress Test Soak Test Scalability Test Further Testing apply increasing load in a stair like pattern testing for longer time period, eg. 12h High load with more resources available i.e. Hardware e.g. Spike Tests (immediate high load) Vodafone Group Services Testing & Quality Assurance Mu... Kes.... Lead Engineer Quality Assurance Design & Test Automation located at DUS-Campus (Germany) Mu....Kes.....@vwxyz.com
+49 123 4567890 Development today
* Agile
* Fast
* TTM matters
* Product Owners dump on the product backlog Q & A a.k.a.: "The Quality Police"
... just grumbles about the code Rollout ...well hopefully not by everyone Why are we doing it? Appl. Server Database Load measure User measure measure Test cases Operational Profile The Outcome Why? What? How? Agenda The Voda-Phone Cloud
Contact Syncs
No Java / Obj-C overhead
Tailored to Provider needs I think it is there ...
Ubuntu for phone my Vision Who?
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