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Copy of presentation


ian de leon

on 12 March 2011

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Transcript of Copy of presentation

jus dom 20 boys 20 girls we have 13 17 boys girls jah Abelende, Al Jarru "Dragon" + respectful, protective, generous *civil engineer* "Chicken, I have read
it in a book." jap rob Castor, John Robie *Electrical Engineer* + trustworthy, generous, talented migs Crispino, Jose Miguel "Forehead/Coconut" +patient, hot, gentleman "Chicken: Just like the story of Adam and Eve, parents were created first before their children." *Travelling around the world* .....with his girl jp "Chicken: No one would lay eggs without them." lex julius *chef at a cruise ship* ed *IT* "kilay" Bagalay, Joed + astig, friendly, jolly "chicken: Because it lays eggs." lale Belale, John Joecel "panga" *professional drummer* + good drummer, friendly, humble "egg: If the chicken lays an egg it will become a chicken." khail "Nog" *best ECE* Manaig,Mikhail Ysaac + kalog, astig, trustworthy "chicken: God made the chickens." *Still An Ordinary Person* boogs van pap *journalist* "Recom" + friendly, studious, respectful jr "Chicken: God made them." Abenaza, John Roy "Egg: It just appeared out of nowhere and then after a few days it became a chicken." triz Saltarin, Patrizia Marie + kind, petite, real friend ruth Santos, Ruth Ana Mae "Anime" + kind, reliable, malambing *photographer* "Chicken: God created chicken first" sheila "Jai ho" chard *electrical engineering*
Asaytuno, Richard
+ basag trip, sabatero, mambabara "Chicken: Why would God
create an egg first? " mar Bugtong, Ergio Mar *IT expert* "Tiburon" "Chicken: Yes" lance
Canapi, Christopher Lance "Tulog" *Computer Engineering* "Chicken: No one would incubate the eggs without them." bj cid
Dela Cruz, Elcid "aso" + friendly, simple, open-minded *NBA all star player* "Egg: If there's no egg, there would be no chicken." david ian son "Bimby"
de Leon II , Mariano +Friendly, open-minded, thrifty *Computer programmer that is also a dancer* "Chicken: No one would incubate
the eggs." wacky Joaquino,Mark Michael "barney" + friendly, funny, jolly *professional chef* "Egg: If there is no egg then there is no chicken." kent Reamon, Kent Elmer "Mang Ramon" + gentleman, sweet lover, helpful *to be successful* "Chicken: Because it is written at the bible." Papruz, Mark Adrian "moustache" + obedient, lovable, humble "Chicken: People were made first before they became pregnant." *to be a good parent* brant Valdez, Aaron Brant Steven "nguso" + galante, sweet, friendly "Chicken: Because chickens
are the ones laying eggs." *to be a billionaire* jeli Baltazar, Jelli Jhane
"Witch" *to be a singer* + friendly, cheerful, trustworthy
"Egg: Because egg came
from the chicken." zel Bulaon, Niezel "butt" *stewardess in italy* + friendly, cheerful, truthful "chicken: God did not
create babies." angel + industrious, sweet, hard working Cruz, Angel "lola" *IT* "Egg: Thats where the chick
came from." bea Deperio, Bea "nita negrita" *dentist* + fun to be with, gorgeous, adorable "Chicken: It is written in the bible." nette "porkchop"
+ trustworthy, a girl you can lean on "Chicken: There would be no
egg without the chicken." Gonzales, Antonette
laine "donkey" + galante, maayos sa katawan *medtech*
"Chicken: Because its delicious." Gutoman, Lalaine lhay "dwarfina" *celebrity* + can lean on, trusted, thoughtful "Egg: Without it there would be no chicken." rina Jornacion, Charina "michael jackson" *accountant of David Archuleta*
+ sweet, gorgeous, quiet

"Chicken: It was created first then
it just reproduced." toni anj
"onion" + malambing, joyful, brave "Both: Without egg there's no chicken; without chicken there's no egg."

*Taylor Swift's Bestfriend*
riza Saure,Riza "riza tabs" +galante, generous
"Both: Both are made by God." *David Archuleta's chef* Jimenez, Alyssa Runa, Angelie "Eagleman"
Santos, Alexis
"lolo" *PBA player* + gentleman, good in basketball, joker "Egg" Sudario, Jayson
"pinya" *engineer* that made the richest company + gentleman, generous, loyal "Chicken: If there's no chicken, there would be no egg." kayoe Ocampo, Kayoe Llewel
+ friendly, galante, open minded "Poknat" *Nutritionist* "Chicken: As is, because God created the chicken first." "Egg: That's where the chicken
came from. " + God-fearing, gentleman, loyal
+ Loving, thrifty, helpful
"Jimmy Neutron" Dela Cruz, Beejay
+ friendly, jolly
"chicken: If there is no chicken, there is no egg." *Dentistry*

+ funny,friendly,cheerful
"chicken: Because it's like people" *accountant*

"Fish" + friendly,helpful,talented "chicken: Egg came from
chickens." *civil engineer*

"Egg: because of dinosaurs" Ferrer,John Paul
+ generous, trustworthy, talented *civil engineer*
"chicken:because God created it first" turo sar Sarmiento, Joselito "Eyes" + friendly, artistic, helpful "Egg: Because the chicken came from it." *to be a celebrity* jason
Ting, Eugene niño "small eyes" + Athletic,good in playing games,strategic *to open a 5 star hotel* "Chicken: It was said so by God." nikki "dwarfina" + loving, true friend, reliable *model* "Chicken: God created animals." Mongado, Charlene Janry "lola" + caring, generous, helpful *architect* aya Luna, Maria Nikkita "Chicken: God created animals." maine mita Policarpio, Susmita May "mita babes" + generous, open-minded, poised *producing fashion events* Noel, Jermaine "pig" + kind, sweet, smart *successful person* "Chicken: Made by God." Canillo, Sanrio "maam deniega" + quiet, understanding, helpful *successful business woman* "Egg: That's where the chicken came from." rio jonelle Garce, Jonelle Katrina dannah Gorospe, Dannah Jean "bato" + artistic, cheerful,reliable *animator* Chicken: Where did the egg come from if there is no chicken? "bamboo"
*flight stewardess*
"Chicken: It's like how God created us." + trustworthy,friendly,cheerful
treng Patricia, Gene Aguirre "madam president" *an accountant that owns a Chocolate factory* + reliable, loyal, trustworthy "Chicken: Just like human beings." Sharli Antonio, Mary Sharlinette + good adviser , all around, good leader "Egg: Because dinosaurs existed first before chicken." angel Buenavente, Ma. Angelica + God-fearing, friendly, reliable "Chicken: Where do you think the egg came from?" "bata" *rich SM owner and has a
famous website* "doggy" + energetic, optimistic "Chicken:According to the Bible." *international foreign relation* Tonio, Dan Yves "maynilad" + kind, generous, silent
- deaf, deadma , poor eyesight dan "Chicken: I just thought of it." *pediatrician* Ullero, Anieflor Elyka "style" + smart, friendly, understanding *dentist* "Chicken: God made them." yka Blanquisco,Arturo III "tabs" *professional chef* + generous,helpful "chicken: If there is no chicken, no one will incubate the eggs." jeric "Kirat" Racho,Jeric Bryan + galante, friendly "Chicken: Because God made
the chickens." Marpaga, Thonie Mae *Psychiatrist*
+ caring, helpful, creative "Egg: Because it's oblong." bon Nasol, Bon Juserlyn "pig"

+ galante, caring, tidy "Chicken: There's no egg
without the chicken."
pat "patreng"
*flight attendant* + faithful, friendly, understanding "chicken: How will you have an egg without the chicken?" Atienza, Patricia "Dark" + friendly,patient Amargo, Julius Henric "chicken: Because God made the chicken first before the egg." gab Jaramilla, John Gabriel "Mole" *successful chef* + generous, helpful "chicken: Because God made chickens to lay eggs." marlon Samoza, Marlon "Potpot" + generous, friendly,sweet *to be a zillionaire* "Egg:Adam is made first before Eve." "Alien" + jolly, energetic Alterado, Luke Ivan "Egg: Nests were famous
back then." *Famous Magician* imee Abella, Imee Franz "eyes" *business woman* + good cook, simple, understanding "Chicken:because it lay eggs and you can earn from it" macky Valmonte, Mark Ivan
"torpe" + artistic, religious, friendly *architect* Bertos, Claudelle delle "botcha" *law student* olga Espiritu, Olga Ianne jm "Chicken: Egg won't
come out without it." Cruz, Jan Martin "barack" *engineer* + never gets angry, cheerful, doesn't revenge isang Gupit, Joan Jessa "pango"
+ religious ,God-fearing, friendly "Chicken: God created chicken first." *intercultural studies*

maj Loyola, Merjoyce "white lady" + helpful cheerful thoughtful
- masungit, moody, mean *super top model* "Chicken: Where will the egg come from without it?" Simon, Sheila Marie "bumbay" + sweet, friendly, jolly "Chicken: If there's no chicken, there's no egg." *engineer* 1st "Chikboy" + good cook, good in basketball, talented "Egg: Where did the chicken
come from?" Cedeño, First John *Great Chef* carl "seven" *computer addict na pediatrician* + generous, joker, friendly
"Chicken: There's no egg without the chicken." Dela Pena, Carl Canaria,Jason "art addict" *architect* + quiet, humble "chicken: Because i said so." Abuyen, Ryan Paul "bumbay" *professional guitarist* + good in playing the guitar, friendly "chicken: If there are no chickens there are no eggs." And now, lets go to the class prophecy of Fourth Year Justice
Ⓕⓐⓒⓔⓑⓞⓞⓚ ⓒⓗⓐⓣ
... *famous billionare
architect and statistician* "pride" +responsible, artistic, hard working "Chicken:An egg comes first, because dinosaurs laid eggs, and chickens didn't exist at that time." This ending will start a new beginning
So there is no reason for us to be sad
Friendships will never be forgotten
Because they'll be cherished in our minds
And forever in our hearts.
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