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Ch. 15

No description

Cullen Fridley

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of Ch. 15

Ch.15 Integrating Frames for Effective Practice

Amanda Dickerson
Cullen Fridley
Mantra Henderson
Shannon Lamb
Alvin Webb, Jr
A Picture of managers “Prevailing mythology depicts managers as rational men and women who plan, organize, coordinate and control activities of subordinates.”
( Bolman & Deal, 2003) A realistic picture of mangers “It’s a hectic life...with it’s own set of challenges. Decisions emerge... from a fluid, swirling vortex of conversations, meetings, and memos.”
(Bolman & Deal, 2003)

A realistic picture of mangers “...problems are ill defined and options murky. Control is an illusion, and rationality an afterthought.”
(Bolman & Deal, 2003) Organizations as multiple realities People and groups see actions from different frames.

“Multiple realities (can) produce confusion and conflict as the individuals view the same event through their own lenses”
Matching frames to situations Are individual commitment and motivation essential to success?

Yes: Human resource; symbolic frame

No: Structural; political frame
Matching frames to situations Is the technical quality of the decision important?

Yes: Structural

No: Human resource; Political; symbolic
Matching frames to situations Is there a high level of ambiguity and uncertainty?

Yes: Political; Symbolic

No: Structural; Human resources
Matching frames to situations Are conflict and scarce resources significant?

Yes: Political; Symbolic

No: Structural; Human resources
Matching frames to situations Are you working from the bottom up?

Yes: Political; Symbolic

No: Structural; Human resources
Making Frames to SituationsClass Activity You have been made the principal of a failing school. It is your responsibility to provide the leadership required to achieve AYP in all academic areas for all students. The staff is demoralized and the students have a reputation as behavior problems. News organizations frequently present student behavior issues in a negative fashion, to the community.

YOUR TASK: Use table 15.2 to frame this problem. Choose a frame for each question and give one action related to your chosen frame that may help you to move your school toward success.
Characteristics of Excellent companies “Bias for action”-Peters and Waterman

“Try a lot... keep what works.”-Collins and Porras

Avoid analysis paralysis

Have a clear core identity

Be clear about what you will not do
Characteristics of Excellent companies The effective senior manager Manager’s Frame Preference The ability to use multiple frames was a consistent correlate of effectiveness. Effectiveness as a manger was particularly associated with the structural frame, whereas the symbolic and political frames tended to be the primary determinants of effectiveness as a leader The End

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