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Welcome to the Aviation Institute of Maintenance!

No description

Jennifer Wells

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of Welcome to the Aviation Institute of Maintenance!

Welcome to the Aviation Institute of Maintenance!
Tom Schaffer, Academic Coordinator
Student Accounts
Keeps all accounts accurate and up to date
Student Services
Student Assistance
Campus Directors

Mr. Jim Luck, Campus Executive Director
Mr. Maurice Person, Assistant Director
Mr. Brad Groom, Director of Education
Ms. Quintina Glover, Director of Admissions
Career Services
Financial Aid
Ensures each student has tuition covered
Attendance and the FAA
Academic Advising
Keys to Success: Curriculum and Communication
Mr. Stan Foreman
School Information
Make up procedures
Recycling Classes
Testing Policies
Media Resource Center
Computer Lab
LaserGrade Testing Facility
Student Portal and Email
Admissions Representatives:
Mr. Anthony "Ay-Jay" Johnson
Mr. Corey Brennan
Ms. Michelle Ashton
Ms. Maegan Tapia
Ms. Jessica Hodge
Mrs. Sheena Gray
Student Representative:
Ms. Jessica Wise

Ms. Alisha Keesee
Tracks attendance, grades and scheduling and Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
Monitors time missed in class
Provides official transcripts
Ms. Ciara Scarborough
In-School Payments
Closing out of accounts (Graduation and Withdrawals)
Stipends (Credit Balances)
Cherie Snow
Office of Disability Services
Assists with monitoring student attendance
The Student Code of Conduct
What is the Student Code of Conduct?
The student code of conduct provides a set of guidelines and standards under which students may enjoy their educational environment while also respecting others and the campus itself
The Code covers:
The Violations can mean:
The Violations are Categorized:
Assistance with Resumes, Cover Letters, Job Applications and Thank you Letters to Employers
Career Fairs
Grievance and Complaint Procedures
Academic Grievances
Contact the instructor privately, either verbally and/or writing.
Resolutions and Outcomes
Every effort will be made to resolve all grievances/complaints. It is the schools desire to handle all grievances/complaints on a campus level.
Administrative Grievances
All grievances/complaints should be addressed directly to the Campus Executive Director (CED) by either appointment or submitting grievance in writing.
If the outcome is not satisfactorily resolved within three 3 days, the student should contact the Academic Coordinator or Director of Education.
If this outcome is not resolved satisfactorily within five (5) days, then the student should contact the Campus Executive Director.
CED will meet with each party involved to resolve the situation.
Every effort will be made to resolve the grievance/complaint. It is the schools desire to handle all grievances/complaints on a campus level.
However, if the academic or administrative grievance/complaint has not been satisfactorily resolved within 15 working days, then the student should contact the regional director for further assistance.
Ms. Nichole Gallop and Ms. Veronica Brown-Hale
Monitors submissions of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Completes Verification for Federal Financial Aid
Entrance and Exit Loan Counseling
Default Prevention
Certifies VA Benefits
For the First Day of Class:
You Will Need To:
Bring your schedule
Wear Your Shirt and ID Badge
Be Prepared with Pen and Paper
Wear Appropriate Shoes
Make a Payment (if required)
You Will Receive:
Your Books
Computer Lab Introduction
Course Syllabus
Oversees the Intent to Return and Leave of Absence Policies
Career Coach
Jeff Dean
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