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Technology Impacts

Public transportation

Kristine Hensley

on 9 February 2011

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Transcript of Technology Impacts

Impacts of Public Transportation Builds Economic Growth Lowers Polution Brings Mobility Reduces Petroleum Needs Government Committees have been incorporated Replacement of Cars Public Transit in Society Public Transit in the lives of People Future Impacts Buses, Trains, Subways, Ferries, Taxis, Monorails, Tramways and many more effect individuals everyday Access to bus and rail lines reduce driving by 4,400 miles a year per household Areas with public transit save people 646 million hours of travel time and 398 gallons of fuel Congestion costs without these reductions would have been $13.7 billion 21% of people 65 and older don't drive Over half stay home because of limited mobility Transit riders alone save$1,400 in gas a year The U.S. saves 4.2 billion gallons of gas a year,which results in less dependency on foreign oil. Communities using public transit reduce carbon emissions by 37 million metric tons For every dollar communites spend, $4 is generated in economic returns For every $10 million in capital investment business sales increase $30 million Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Largest committe in congress with 75 members and six subcommittees 60 cars for one bus 12 cars for a full van 200 cars for a full commuter rail An entire MetroLink systems romoves 12,500 cars Every $1 billion invested in
public transportation capital and
operations supports an average of
36,000 jobs. 36,000 jobs result in
roughly $3.6 billion in business
sales and generate nearly $500
million in federal, state, and local
tax revenues. http://www.publictransportation.org/facts/ This website goes into details about the practice and principles of public transportation. It provides hundreds of facts about public transportation and its results.
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