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Behaviors and Factors affecting purchasing decisions on heal

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Wiphada Techa-udomlert

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Behaviors and Factors affecting purchasing decisions on heal

Behaviors and factors affecting purchasing decisions on health products and services of elderly consumers in Suphanburi province, Thailand
to study elderly consumers’ behavior of purchasing health products and services
to analyze factors that affected the decisions on purchasing the products and services
The elderly population of Thailand has is and continue increasing.Thais are also becoming now aware of benefit of selecting and consuming health products.
Silpakorn University Petchburi IT Campus, Thailand
The methods for data analysis of this study consisted of descriptive statistics and factor analysis as follow.
The samples were 400 elderly people in Suphanburi province, Thailand.
The United Nations estimates that the year 2001-2100 will be the century of the elderly. Refers to the population aged 60 years and more than 10 percent of the population worldwide.
Demographic characteristics of the sample group.
Family status
Main occupation before age 60 years
At present, the average monthly income levels
Source of income at present
Behavior of purchasing health products and services
Buy healthy food.
Medical check-ups.
It is necessary for the body.
Purchase products and services on their own.
Purchase products and services from the market.
Ease of travel and product needs.
Purchase products and services on average 1-2 times per month.
It costs less than 500 Baht a time.
Products and services in the same brand.
Factor 2
quality and safety
Factor 3
sales assistants
Factor 4
Factor 5
social factors
Factor 6
Factor 1
receiving and communicating relevant information
The further study could be more education about the older group that actually can be divided in many groups by the Cluster Analysis based on information in business and marketing.
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