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Gender roles in the 20th century

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Logan Swadley

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Gender roles in the 20th century

Gender Roles in the 20th Century
By: Logan Swadley
Gender roles in the 20th century
“As in the past, there were also advocates of change; in fact, the modern feminist movement, reanimated by Wollstonecraft, was gaining momentum with its advocacy for suffrage when it was largely derailed by the Civil War, in the United States. By the early 20th Century suffrage was again an issue, as women began participating more in public life. Still, everything that was important, in terms of power and prestige, was under male control: politics, economy, etc.”- Women in the Twentieth Century and Beyond
Gender roles: Mid- 20th century: Part dos
This previous quote from "women in the mid-20th century and beyond" talks about women and how they became more involved, which coincidentally was when "suffrage" began once again.
Gender roles: Mid- 20th century: Part III
"The 20th century produced dramatic changes and opportunities for women. The events leading up to statehood brought to an official end at least the practice of polygamy, and the state constitution restored women's right to vote and guaranteed other equal rights. Laws passed in 1911 and 1913 set maximum hours and minimum wages for working women. Technology dramatically altered women's lives, especially in urban areas. Electric service, indoor plumbing, central heating, and the small power motor revolutionized homemaking. The growth of commercial laundries and expanding factory production of clothing, processed foods, and other household items relieved women of many tasks and created hundreds of jobs for them outside the home. Manufacturing, retail and wholesale trade, banking, and services grew rapidly in the early 20th century." -Utah history to go

Part III commentary
Men in the 20th Century
In WW2 men in America sacrificed their lives daily defending our nationwide home: America. Constantly receiving food and other things from families across the country, they would go into battle creating a future for our country and their families.
J.F.K's quote (with commentary
"Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country."
In this famous sentence Kennedy is basically asking for all the men we can have fighting in this war, and we exceeded his and our country's expectations with millions of brave men willing to give it all for our country.
-women of the 20th century and beyond
-utah history to go
By: Logan Swadley
(and all the citations used in the presentation
Gender roles: Mid- 20th century
Just before the roaring 20's women began to earn new rights that caused equalities between the two genders. Not only did they earn new rights but they also were respected much more and were able to earn new positions in jobs which could actually put them OVER men in some cases.
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