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Tips to get along well in the Summer - Prezi at UFLA

In Summer Time everybody wants to be healthier and happier, so enjoy the tips for having a great sunny day! Background Music: Blue Cat – Playing Hard To Get

Igor Lacerdino

on 5 February 2015

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Transcript of Tips to get along well in the Summer - Prezi at UFLA

Longer days, warmer temperatures and scorching sun. It is time to live moments of greater willingness, to do both, physical activities and to stay up late in a bar or at the beach.

Experts say that exercises are good for the body and mind, but, when done put of obligation, they can result in vary fast dropout. As the sun shine until late Summer days, here is a tip: get home, put on some trainers and go for a run, ride a bike or walk with your dog.
Besides malaise and fatigue, high temperatures can bring another effect: the kidney stone! On warmer days, following the familiar recommendation of drinking at least two liters of water is even more important.
Add to your diet foods rich in nitrate, like orange, lemon, pineapple and all citrus fruits.
hydrate yourself
Remembering that it is important to avoid direct sun exposure between 10 am and 5 pm, and always wear sunscreen!
wear sunscreen!
Wear the appropriate sunscreen to your skin type and respect the sun exposure time. It is crucial to prevent from burning, unlike our buddy in the picture!!
Many people want to leave the faded winter color behind and seek more golden skin. But sunbathe responsibly.
Your body can react badly during the first days, but you just need to make it as a routine and the up coming weeks will be much better!
Warm weather asks for a sea, river or pool bath to cool off, but you must pay attention to go with your friends to places that you are not used to go and don't know much about!
The Fire Department recommends that vacationers seek bathing in places that have lifeguards, and do not enter the water after meals.
Beware of unknown waters
For those who want to enjoy the sunny days at the sea side or even in the city to cool off, the water sports are great options that are gaining more and more followers!
Do different activities
Every summer we want to keep our lives healthier but, why not make the good habits turn also routinely in the next autumns, winters and springs ?!
We hope you have enjoyed the tips and don't forget to have fun in the best season of the year!
Or even better if you are in a tropical region and can enjoy sunshine almost everyday!
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