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Agawan ng Panyo

No description

justin noveno

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Agawan ng Panyo

AGAWAN NG PANYO *An even number of players
*Boys and girls
*Ages 9-11 SETTINGS: PROPS *A handkerchief.
*A piece of stick two feet long PLAYERS: Outdoors, on a level grassy ground PRE GAME: 1. Ground Preparation Two parallel lines are drawn about 15 meters apart. A handkerchief is placed on a stick planted on a line drawn midway between the two parallel lines. When a stick is not available,
a referee is chosen where the stick is supported to be,
extends his hand forward,
and he holds the handkerchief. 2. Assignment of Roles: The players divide into two teams of equal number. If a referee is chosen it is done at this point. 3. Formation: Each team forms a line and takes its place immediately behind one of the
two parallel lines, facing the opponents. 4. Objective/s: To snatch (agaw) the handkerchief and run back to the team base (line) without being tagged by an opponent. Movements: 1. At a given signal, player from each team, run towards the handkerchief.
They each stand, one hand poised to snatch the handkerchief and the other hand ready to tag the player who touches the handkerchief first. 2.One player grabs the handkerchief
and tries to run away with it. 3. (a) If the snatcher successfully returns to his line with the handkerchief, he scores a point for his team. (b) If the snatcher is tagged, no point is scored for either team. 4. The team scoring the greater number of points wins the game. The handkerchief is always returned to the referee. Other terms: *Ilagay sa Panyo - Ubay, Bohol
*Alam sa Panyo No Nayarian Mo
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