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Creating a Great Program!

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kelly Hrabarchuk

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Creating a Great Program!

Creating a Great Group Event
Coming up with a great idea...
Once we decide on an idea...

So What Are The Next Few Weeks Going to Look Like?
Getting creative!
-Start with an exciting, unique idea.
- Spend some time thinking about what you would like to see in a big event.
Use Resources
- If you're stuck for an idea, there are tons of resources available to you.
- http://www.reslife.net/html/program_possibilities.html

Know Your Audience
Tailor your idea to suit what your residents like!
Find out what THEY want. This means... talking to them!!!
Talking to Phase One RAs and joining their RA meetings is a great way to see what has worked and hasn't worked on their side of CQ.
For example, if your residents enjoy food, your "dance" idea might also have a dinner first.
You wouldn't plan a race car driving event for people who didn't know how to drive.
It's not enough to have a good idea - you have to execute it well for it to be successful....
The majority of your work will be preparing!
Once we have an idea, the next step will be to divide tasks.
This will include (depending on the event):
Deciding on the event's structure
There are various ways of executing an event!
Where will we be hosting the event?
Some events can include a "pre- event" like mask making for a masquerade, dance lessons for a dance, etc.
Will there be activities, then a dinner and then a dance? Or dance, dinner, and then activities?
This will give an idea of the supplies we will need and how long the event will be.
Once divided into smaller teams...
Once you have your topic, you have [almost] total control over what you want to happen!
If you want a live singer or huge prizes and it fits in your budget, GO FOR IT!
While you will have responsibilities, this should be fun - make it your own.
But remember we are still a team...
While everyone has great, unique ideas and I want to make this YOUR event, everyone has to agree on what is happening!
In future meetings, we will be "pitching" ideas to the whole team and as a team you can agree, disagree, or modify ideas.
Deciding on a Regular Meeting Time!
One meeting a week NEEDS to happen. Otherwise the amount of work that needs to get done, will not be done.
Please give me a PAPER COPY of your schedule (including extra curricular, like volleyball) by Tuesday, so I can figure out a good time to meet.
ALL event preparations need to be done a WEEK before the event.
The Next Few Weeks:
1. Brainstorm ideas for the next meeting! Everyone must have AT LEAST THREE ideas on a piece of paper brought to the next group meeting.
2. The next meeting after that will be brainstorming and picking our event, so be ready with lots of ideas.

What Will I Be Doing?
While I am a part of the RA team, I will not be a part of any specific "committee".
I will figure out logistics/overall budget and book the location of our event.
I will email everyone after group meetings with a summary of what we discussed at that group meeting and deadlines for the next week.
I can float- if a group needs help on something, I am more than willing to help out.
Planning and Preparation
Responsibilities Will Include:
Planning a budget
Finding and purchasing supplies
Arranging and set up - making sure each is executed properly
Being a team also means we work together...
Everyone needs to be on board!
If you are working on one area of the event, and have extra time, don't be afraid to see if anyone else needs help.
Go together on shopping trips, ask others for advice... use your team mates!
I can be a representative to go to Phase One and discuss our plans and keep them updated and be a link between Coordinator Alex and the team, in case he has additional comments or support to add.
My goal is to make sure you are satisfied with how your event went.
I am here to guide and organize.
I want to make sure you learn some skills while planning this and grow personally
But overall, I want to make sure everyone has fun!
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