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Trade Union

No description

sharifah yuliana

on 25 July 2014

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Transcript of Trade Union

What do you see ?

is union ?
All/some workers unite to
fight for their rights.

To uphold justice
To preserve their rights
To fight for well-taken care of their welfare

To promote the industrial, social and intellectual interests of its members

To obtain and maintain for its members just and proper rates of remuneration; security of employment and reasonable hours and condition of work

To promote legislation affecting the interests of the members in particular or trade unionists in general

Trade Union
Thank you!
Prepared by:


Assemble together?
Factors workers join union
Fair wages and benefits
In groups there is strength
Job security
Protection against unfair treatment
Peer pressure
Section 2 - Trade Unions Act 1959
“Trade Union” or “Union” means any association or combination of workmen or employers,

being workmen whose place of work is in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah or Sarawak, as the case may be,

or employers employing workmen in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah or Sarawak, as the case may be—

Section 2 - Trade Unions Act 1959
within any particular establishment, trade, occupation or industry or within any similar trades, occupations or industries;

(b) whether temporary or permanent; and

(c) having among its objects one or more of the following objects:

(i) the regulation of relations between workmen and employers for the purposes of promoting good industrial relations between workmen and employers, improving the working conditions of workmen or enhancing their economic and social status, or increasing productivity;

A trade union need not be called a union. ~ preferably association – e.g. MITASA

Both employers and employees have the right to form and join unions – they must be separate


Membership of unions is limited geographically (any one of the three geographical regions)

Workers in Peninsular Malaysia can only join union whose members work in the Peninsular only, not in Sabah & Sarawak, vice versa

Members of a trade union must be homogeneous – they must work in a particular trade, occupation or industry – general nature are not permitted

Once any group of workers/organization perform ONE or more of the objectives in S. 2, TUA 1959, it will be considered as having established a trade union

must CONFORM to all legislative requirements of trade union.

Sept 2012 – 705 Trade unions ~ 799, 192 members

Private – 446
Government – 144
Statutory body and local authority – 101
Employer – 14

Female – 317, 593
Male – 481, 599

(Dept of Trade Union Affairs, 2012)

Any worker over 16 years old

Restriction : worker under 18 y. o. cannot vote on matters involving strikes, imposition of a levy, dissolution of the union or amendment of any rules of the trade union.

Can students join trade union?

can join ?

Certain group of government servants

Membership is not of the same category (S.9 of IRA) – managers, executives and staff in confidential or security positions
cannot join ?
Workers' rights are protected!!!
(ia) the regulation of relations between workmen and workmen, or between employers and employers;

(ii) the representation of either workmen or employers in trade disputes;

(iiA) the conducting of, or dealing with, trade disputes and matters related thereto; or

(iii) the promotion or organization or financing of strikes or lock-outs in any trade or industry or the provision of pay or other benefits for its members during a strike or lock-out;

see video
see video
Find 3 unions in Malaysia now.
Identify their:
nature of professions

*You are allowed to access your smartphone/gadgets
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