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10 things about me

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 8 December 2015

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Transcript of 10 things about me

Number 1
number 3
I like food because without it I would starve
Number 4
when i was 5 i put my hands on the burner after my mom told me not to
Number 5
I hate lacrosse because it has weird rules and because you can hit people with sticks
I hate when I get cussed at by random people
Number 2
10 things about me
I love baseball because when I was a little kid my dad signed me up for t-ball and i never stopped
I like cars because when no ones around my brother lets me drive his car
I hate bad substitute teachers ( Mr. Bennit)
number 8
I hate bad food because you can get food because you waste your money
Number 9
I hate when my siblings play with my stuff
number 6
Number 7
The thing I hate most of all is losing my phone
Number 10
argument paragraph
Baseball is the best sport because it take the most work. It takes hand eye cuardanation you have to be tough you have to be able to through the ball hard and catch it and you need to know where to through it. Baseball is the hardest sport because if you don't learn early you wouldent know what to do. My brother played baseball but then he quit, and when he wanted to play in high school he wasen't good enough some people may thing baseball is stupid but they are probably scared of the ball. I think baseball if fun because iv'e played it my whole life.
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